Panama, third sugar mill of Camagüey that produces sugar in the present harvest

With the beginning of the grinding in the sugar mill Panama of Vertientes, in Camagüey, the most extensive province of Cuba, incorporated this Saturday the third sugar producer industry, of the six that will enter functioning in the first week of the current December.

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Until Thursday, December 13th there will be opened the contest with which the newspaper Adelante invites the readers to the celebration of its next birthday in January, together with the services entuMovil.

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Hundreds of Camagüey´s citizens gathered in the Plaza of the Revolution Major General Ignacio Agramonte, of this city, in the cultural political evening that professional and amateur artists dedicated to the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

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Priority in Camagüey to the formation of children’s daycare educators

The completion of the workforce in Children’s daycare (CI) is one of the priorities in this province, to offer response to the indications of the Ministry of Education related to demographic policy and attention to working mothers, and those who have had multiple births.

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A decent house for all Cubans

A strong impact received the housing fund of the capital of Camagüey, when in September 2017 the Hurricane Irma pawned its trajectory on the north coast of the territory. This accentuated the deterioration of hundreds of homes already marked in a negative way for years of use without proper maintenance.

Territorial contribution in Camagüey solves more than 160 approaches

To increase funding to Local development programs, the Finance and Pricing Directorate (DFP) in the province distributed until last September, 13,674,600 pesos, for territorial contribution.

Cuba launches campaign for non-chauvinist violence

To question and transform the beliefs that support violence against women calls the Cuban campaign Evoluciona, led by the center Oscar Arnulfo Romero  in alliance with the Federation of Cuban Women, the National Center of Sex Education and the Center for Youth Studies.

Camagüey will pay tribute with the song Canto a Fidel from Plaza de El Mayor

A great Canto a Fidel, with participation of 365 artists on stage, will remember on the night of this Saturday, December 1, the passage through the province of Camagüey of the funeral procession of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

Camagüey enlists for Day of the Science

The provincial delegation of the Department of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) will develop the celebrations for the Day of the Cuban Science, which will initiate in December of the present year and will last until January, 2019, with the incentive of improving the Camagüey’s scientific chore, motivated by the results obtained during the previous event that led the territory to deserve the head office of the national act for the World Day of the Environment.