Over 250 union leaders and activists and social movements from 31 countries, members of the International May 1st and Ernesto Che Guevara Brigades are visiting the province of Camaguey.

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Children in Camaguey Receive Vaccine against Polio

Over 24 thousand children under three years of age in Camaguey will be benefited by the second stage of the National Anti-Polio Campaign while the Vaccination of the Americas Week is being held in Cuba for the first time.

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International brigade May 1st for the first time in Camagüey

From the next April 25, for four days, this province will be the epicenter of the International Brigade of Solidarity May 1st. For the first time in Camagüey, 300 members of the International Brigade of 30 nationalities will exchange in productive centers, cooperatives, scientific institutions and hospitals.

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Friends of the world will visit Camagüey

For the first time The International Brigade of Solidarity with Cuba First of May, will visit the province of Camagüey, composed of almost 300 union leaders, social movements and parties of the left, from 30 nations.

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Universities of Camagüey and New York Strengthen Links

Despite the limitations imposed by the United States to prevent the visit of US citizens to Cuba, the University of Camagüey (UC) and Lehman College of the University of New York (LCNY) are strengthening ties today.

Camagüey´s Construction Company undertakes with efficiency social works

Workers of the company of construction and assembly number two, in this province, stand out for the Quality Management System and the development of technical standards and the creation of new developments.

Prioritize investments to improve water supply in Camagüey

The Replica of the Coat of arms of this province, which gives the Provincial Assembly of Popular Power, was delivered in this city to Jorge Amador Berlanga Acosta, creator of the epidermal growth factor Heberprot-P in the chronic diabetic foot ulcer.

Prioritize investments to improve water supply in Camagüey

With the strategy to ensure more water and ensure its quality, continues this year in this province, the construction of the great conductors that cater to this city and the implementation of the third module of the plant with its pumping station.

Mexican architect gives in Camagüey techniques workshop on covers (+Video)

A workshop on techniques and technologies for housing in this city was taught by the Mexican architect Ramón Aguirre Morales, who for a week will work with local masons for the socialization of knowledge.