Three decades of work at the Blood bank of this province have provided Tamara Moya Vázquez with a special sensibility in the face of donating this vital liquid, thus, during almost 20 years she has also offered a part of herself to them who needs it.

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Infant mortality rate decreases in Camaguey

Camagüey province presents an infant mortality rate below the national average, obtaining in 2017 the lowest number in the history of this indicator, positioning itself among the territories with a better quality in the mother-child attention.

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According to estimated numbers, about 155 582 people are above 60 years old in this province, that is around 20.39 % of its population, explained to the press Dr. Jesús Reguerira Naranjo, head of the Ederly section and Social Assistance, of the Public Health Provincial Direction.

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Blood donations positive work in Camaguey

The province overfulfills during six consecutive years its commitments of blood donations, an altruist gesture that benefits around tens of thousands of patients in the territory annually.

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Challenges of Economic Sciences Debated in Cuba

The 15th International Conference on Economic and Business Sciences began its debates on Tuesday in Camaguey with a look at the island’s economy in the current context which presents several challenges that must be looked at through science.

Expand in Camagüey Internet service from Homes

The marketing of Nauta Home for the Internet connection from the dwellings, began in some areas of the headwaters of the municipalities of Guáimaro, Florida, Nuevitas and Santa Cruz del Sur...

Camagüey increases production of natural medicines

Favorable results shows the Provincial Center of Production of Natural Medicines, an institution that ensures the development of the preparations intended for pharmacies and care units of Camaguey.

Advance in use of the land tax

The province collected for land tax concept during 2017 more than 50 millions of pesos, and there have been distributed up to the date 18 millions, of which 13 correspond to municipal companies. The territories registered in the use of the also called 1 % are Florida, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Esmeralda, Sierra de Cubitas, Guáimaro and Camagüey.

Dairy harvest season of 2018 in Camagüey has high pretensions

The nature has showed to the stockbreeders of Camagüey the best of its smiles in this 2018, it is enough to go out of the city to see that the Camagüey´s flatness is grown green again and the cattle recover from the ravages of the drought of last year.