Russia warns Venezuela's Juan Guaido against inviting U.S. invasion

Russia has warned Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido against "inviting foreign intervention" under the cover of aid shipments, reiterating Moscow’s call for dialogue between the Caracas government and the opposition.

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Trump's recent statements were clumsy and crude

Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Cuban Foreign Minister, described the statements made by Donald Trump on Latin America during a speech given Monday at the University of Miami as clumsy and crude.

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Denounces cuban FM U.S. offense of Venezuela's sovereignty

Bruno Rodriguez, Minister of Foreign Affairs, denounced on Twitter that U.S. President Donald Trump offends the sovereignty of #Venezuela, birthplace of El Libertador and independence.

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Dynamic test proves Camagüey is ready for constitutional referendum

During this Sunday’s dynamic test, the preparations and alternatives of the 1730 electoral polling stations of Camagüey were verified, which showed that this territory is ready to develop the Constitutional referendum of the next February 24th, when the new Magna Carta of Cuba will be validated.

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High cheese production in Camaguey

La Vaquita Cheese Factory, located in Camaguey, some 550 kilometers east of Havana, produced 1700 tons of cheese in 2018, a full 50 percent spike over plan.

In the early hours of the morning of this Friday February 15, the men and women who work at the headquarters of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba expressed their signature to speak for peace and non-aggression against Venezuela, in a sample of unconditional solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, its people and its president, Nicolás Maduro.

The Cuban government made public an statement warning of the dangerous escalation of US maneuvers that could lead to a military intervention in Venezuela.

Can return if they wish cuban doctor

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health made public an statement on its position regarding the doctors that stayed in Brazil after the Cuban government stopped its participation in the More Doctors Program.

Satisfactory 2018 for the Company of Beverages and Soft Drinks of Camagüey

Outstanding productive and economic results reached during the year 2018 the workers of the Company of Beverages and Soft Drinks (Ember), of Camagüey.