Camilo Cienfuegos is reborn each February

The people knew well the Commander of the Revolution Camilo Cienfuegos, as well as their Commander in Chief, and he has always been identified as one of its best and essential children, despite his early death, with only 27 years.

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In the shadow of the Teacher

José Martí, like few men in our Continent, knew how take forward a revolutionary campaign as that of the ends of the Cuban 19th century, hoisting the flags of the real patriotism and the national sovereignty; of the anti-colonialism and the anti-imperialism; of the Latin-American solidarity and the radical revolution; against the racism, the inequality and the oligarchy.

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Martí, alive

To live a second life would look like an absurdity that escapes the limits of the reality, but there are men of flesh and bone that have done it. One of them, our National Hero José Martí Pérez. He was born on January 28, 1853 in Paula Street and died fighting in Dos Ríos (Two Rivers) on May 19, 1895.

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Young generations and the entire people of Cuba will pay homage today to the protagonists of the epic of March 13, 1957, when university students assaulted on the Presidential Palace and Reloj Radio Station.

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José Antonio Echeverría, could have been another one of the brave young men who fought and climbed down the Sierra Maestra along with Fidel, but history reserved him another high seat of honor when he was barely a 24-year- old man.

We were witness to his vocation for solidarity, there following a natural disaster, an act of injustice, a people in need of healthcare, or youth desperate to study. He understood that poverty is eradicated through cooperation, not with bombs

The majority of the Cuban people awoke this past November 26 to face a tremendous blow, the country's heart and soul was in mourning. Fidel had gone the night before, quietly in the late hours, to avoid causing us more pain.

Cuba marks today the 120th anniversary of the death in combat of Major General Antonio Maceo and his aide captain Francisco Gomez Toro, in the farm of San Pedro.

Camagüey.- We, the Cuban, are not mean persons not vindictives, all the contrary, we characterize for being modest, kind, united and very human. Although all this seems wrong for being written by a Cuban, that is the way I feel.