Priority will be given to the short-cycle crops in fields of Camagüey

Executives of the Camagüey´s affiliate of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) take preservation measures for the sustainable management of land and promote the planting of short-cycle crops, with the aim of mitigating the negative effects of hurricane Irma in this province.

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Production of construction materials intensified in Camagüey

Authorities in this province have taken steps to expand production of construction materials, key to repairing hurricane damage to housing as quickly as possible.

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Camagüey assesses damages to ecosystems after Hurricane Irma

Experts and technicians from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) in Camagüey conducted a preliminary assessment of the environmental impacts caused by Hurricane Irma in the north and south coastal areas of the territory.

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Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdes toured the towns of the northern coast of this central province that took the brunt of the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Irma on September 8.

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Normalization of meteorological conditions after Hurricane Irma allows today JetBLue, American Airlines and Ister Airways to resume their routes to the airport Ignacio Agramonte at the center-eastern city in Camaguey.

The Cubans restore Irma's damages

Long time will happen so that the Cubans, settlers of the Caribbean islands and of the southwestern area of the North American state of the Florida, could forget the step along our territories of the hurricane Irma, not only for the ravages that it caused us, but also for the lives that it snatched.

Hurricane of Work

 From Sunday evening,it began for the Camagüey´s citizens the most important stage of the last intense days. The evaluation of the damages is only the first moment.

Surprise visit to the Camagüey recovery

Little time has given to the fragments of trees and other debris that in piles are found along this city, in full recovery of the bearing of the hurricane Irma, although the biggest sleeplessness remains provoked by the absence of the electrical fluid.

From the furrow, it will be necessary to be reborn

More than 3780 hectares of different cultivation were affected by the passage of the hurricane Irma through this province as Elvis Pérez, Delegate of the Agriculture in the territory informed