Production of natural medicine in Camagüey grew 8 pct

The Company of Pharmacies and Opticians, of the province of Camagüey, surpassed in an eight percent the 5.1 million bottles of Natural and Traditional Medicine (MNT) planned for 2017.

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Photovoltaic energy production to grow in 2018 in Camagüey

The eastern Cuban province of Camaguey will keep the expansion of the use of renewable energy sources when a new photovoltaic park, which is already being assembled in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas will become operational, as well as the installation of another three during 2018.

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Television HD comes to Camagüey

With a coverage to the entire area of the headmunicipality, and installed in the building of 26 plants near to the Square of the Revolution Mayor General Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz, of this metropolis, already works in Camagüey a digital transmitter of high definition.

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"… in Bonilla Ignacio behaved very brave and well; in the beginning he pushed back more half a dozen of soldiers who tried to come up to him, but having been hurt slightly, his cousin and brother-in-law Eduardo (Agramonte Piña), much at the beginning of the action, left the field to accompany him and to take him.”

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Waiting for Yadi, I found her in her cozy house, there in the town Batalla de Las Guásimas. “My granddaughter had a test today, and she does not come yet, thanks that I already finished to wash, now, I will rest and wait for her”, she says when she receives me.

Teach with the heart

Olga Góngora Lezcano was born in this city, but the family was of Vertientes, she studied educational practice in Santa Clara, in the School of Rural Household, and she returned to the soil, where after her graduation in 1944, she came to have a classroom fifteen years later, due to the triumph of the Revolution, in the intricate area of Santa Lucia 1, among mud and birds and weathering storms.

The pride of being closer to Frank

Liliana Souto Amador and Elizabeth Sosa del Valle share in life much more than theirhometown that fills themwith pride, the genre and the vocation. These two women who for three decades and a half deliver every day their breath to Camagüey´s education now keep like one of their biggest treasures having been creditors of the medal Orden Frank País García of the second grade.

The Camagüey prepares tributes to its eponymous hero

With the actions by the 176 anniversary of his birth will begin the next day 23, in this city, the day commemorating the 145 years of the Fall in Combat of the Major General Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz.

Camagüey´s farmers apply science and technique in the planting of cold

To comply with the current planting season of cold, this province has the technological packages and the logistics base that can contribute to raising the efficiency of agriculture.