Electoral arrangements in Camagüey

Denia Morejón Reyes, vice-president of the Provincial Electoral Commission (CEP, Spanish acronym) in Camagüey - the biggest territory of Cuba - announced that for the future general elections,1 757 polling stations will work, of them, 271 will take root in residences conditioned with all the indispensable requisites for an honest, secret and direct voting, of the population, according to the specifications of the Law 72, Electoral Law.

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Club Amigo Mayanabo: four decades of tourist service

The first one of the hotels of Saint Lucia beach, in the north of the province of Camagüey, the Club Amigo Mayanabo, arrived recently at its 40thanniversary, with special offers that spread during the summer, considered a high seson of the national tourism.

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Road rehabilitation profiles in Camagüey

The continuity and expansion of the road rescue in this province, based on the integration of suitable teams and construction forces available in the territory, is included in the approval of the preliminary draft budget and economic plan for 2018 in Camagüey, in charge of the Council of the Provincial Administration (CAP).

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More than two thousand 100 megawatt hours (mW / h) have been generated in this province through solar energy, so far this year, thanks to the operation of the two photovoltaic parks installed in the province, in the municipality of Guáimaro and in this city.

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 Guarantee in Camagüey oxygen for the industry and Health

With 20 consecutive years as a collective National Vanguard, the Industrial Gases Business Unit of Camagüey, fulfilled at the end of the first half of this year, the delivery of more than half a million cubic meters of oxygen for industrial and medicinal use.

Copextel and Santa María mixed store open

The firm Copextel and the provincial tourism company Santa Maria inaugurated a mixed store, supplied by both entities, at the corner of Francisquito and Rosario streets, in a developing area where they execute several patrimonial rescue works, Like the old railway station.

To raise fiscal control

The need to take advantage of all the avenues of how to raise the fiscal control to the particularities of each taxpayer was one of the balances left by the scientific forum organized by the National Association of Economists and Accountants and the Office of Tax Administration in the province, on the occasion of the Day of the Tax Worker, celebrated Friday in the country.

The University of Camaguey is beautified for its half century

The University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz is immersed in the celebration of its half century of existence to be celebrated next November 6, and for it carries out an important plan of repair and remodeling of buildings in its three main headquarters, through a program that has intensified since last June, which will not stop during the holiday period, because even some of them will host the summer offers of the institution.

By the consolidated work during the current year, the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC, Spanish acronym), received this Friday the condition of National Vanguard and headquarters of the central act by the 57 anniversary of the Organization, to be held on 23 August.