Cuba and the United States collaborate against lung cancer

The collaboration with a hospital in the United States where two clinical trials of Cuban vaccines against lung cancer will help to gather new scientific data to increase the products´ value.

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40 million dollars and 46 million Cuban pesos, as part of a credit agreed between Cuba and Saudi Arabia, will be used for the rehabilitation of important works for the over-100 years old system of aqueduct and sewerage of this city.

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To strengthen the preventive work in schools, to elevate the professional preparation, and to incorporate more teachers to the classrooms, called Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella, Minister of Education, in the specialized inspection visit that took place in the province.

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And I think about you

 I hear voices, I see the lights on, there is an unusual bustle at that time. I watch the clock and it´s 1:58 a.m. I wake up frighten, open the door of my bedroom. My sister assaults me: tata, Fidel passed away.

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Women, the flowers of life

You stole us kisses, pieces of our soul, pranks, and crazy details. You fill our hearts with unforgettable memories. We look at you in streets and avenues, halls and classroom, work centers, literary clubs…

In March, we are always nervous and committed which is translated in the opening of newspaper Patria. In March 14th, Martí decided once to “enlighten” us with the most appropriate manual for this trade.

Camagüey and its alleys

 More than half a millennium from its foundation, the Village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, today Camagüey, shows itself enigmatic to the eyes of those who discover it, and also to the eyes of those who were born in it and that we go round it each day.

What means to be a Camagüey citizen?

Unlike most of the other Cuban cities, Camagüey puts on the shoulders of its citizens a historic, politic, and cultural heritage of great importance. Being a Camagüey citizen implies, above all, being familiarized with tradition and values that have been accumulating without any stop.

University of Camagüey implements more than 80 scientific projects

The scientific work of the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte is materialized in the implementation of more than 80 projects associated to programs of businesses, national character or of international collaboration.