The Task Life, State plan for climate change in Cuba, requires multisectoral effort and the systematic analysis of the implementation of actions; pointed out in Camagüey Elba Rosa Perez Montoya, Minister of Science, Technology and Environment.

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Committed Agriculture in Camagüey with the greatest productive challenges

The increase in the planting of different crops and the fulfillment of the contracts, are the best tribute to the 60 anniversary of the First Peasant Congress in Weapons, said in Camagüey Rafael Santiesteban Pozo, President of the National Association of Small Farmers in the country.

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In Camagüey project of international collaboration to mitigate floods and droughts

The municipalities located to the North of the province, territories affected seriously by the hurricane Irma in September, 2017 and inclined also to suffer the effects of the droughts and floods, will be benefited by the project Management and reduction of the risk of disasters before floods and droughts...

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To be a pedagogue is a job worthyof recognition, more when it is practiced by young people who demonstrate to be continuators of the beautiful work of educating and that achieve, year after year, excellent results in the National Festival of the Class, which now developed its last edition in the province of Matanzas.

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Natural and effective products offers Labiofam in Camagüey

A score of the natural products that commercializes at present the Managerial Unit of Base (UEB) of Biopharmaceutical Productions (Labiofam) in the province, both for human and animal use, they are prepared in this territory.

The Provincial Company of Transport enlists a bus of two levels of Chinesemanufacture, Yutong brand, with the intention of integrating it to a project of local initiative to encourage the national and foreign tourism in this city.

To vote for the Revolution, it summons the CDR´s family of Camagüey

To vote for the candidates of the people on next Sunday, it is the call of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR) that discuss - in every block the members of the most massive organization of Cuba.

Like base delegates, in the electoral colleges, in functions ofcollaborators, supervisors … the young people takes part in the General Elections in role of historical continuing generation of the Revolution.

Encourage in Camagüey projects of local development initiative

With the aim of encouraging the creation of projects of the initiative for local development, and thereby achieve a financial source to support the budget of the State, in the province of Camagüey does a working group directed by vice president for economic programs of the Council of the Provincial Administration.