The Camagüey fairgrounds is one of the most impactful works for the city, providing it with a wide exhibition, gastronomic and recreational complex.

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Camagüey´s mobile phone capacity must increase

The Doctor of Technical Sciences Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella, Minister of Communications and Member of the Cuban Parliament for the municipality of Camagüey, attended the ninth ordinary session of the Assembly of People´s Power in the territory.

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Good water for the Sibanicú´s people

Two purifyingplants of water were installed recently in the municipal head of Sibanicú, which allow to eliminate pollutant elements and guarantee the purification and quality of the liquid, in a territory that lacks aqueduct network and its groundwater possesses high minerals concentrations.

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High production of La Vaquita cheese factory

La Vaquita Cheese Factory, located in Camagüey, some 550 kilometers east of Havana, produced 1700 tons of cheese in 2018, a full 50 percent spike over plan.

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Tribute to Cuban Doctors of Mas Medicos in Camaguey

The doctors from this province that participated in the Mas Medicos program in Brazil received a special recognition in the central city during an activity celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Family Doctor and Nurse Program in Cuba.

Entity of investigations of grains analyzes scientific results

The development of approximately 20 research projects and their generalization in the agricultural chore of the province, validate the selection of the Station of Investigations of Grains in Vertientes to begin the annual balance of the work of the scientific centers of the agrarian branch in Camagüey.

Camagüey exceed its year´s plan of milk delivery

With 90 million 500 thousand liters of milk gathered at the end of this Thursday, the Camagüey province exceed its annual plan of delivery of this food to the industry. Reinaldo Martínez González, specialist of cattle in the Department of the Agriculture delegation in the territory, affirmed that this number represents a million 900 thousand liters over the planned for 2018, since 88 thousand 600 liters had been proposed.

Camagüey implements strategies to improve the genetic preserves

The Camagüey’s branch of the Cuban Association of Animal Production is recognized at country level for executing strategies directed to improve the genetic preserves and for encouraging the cattle culture through actions of training in order to increase the production of milk and meat.

This 23 is a special day for the factory Tínima, the emblematic Camagüey´s brewery comes to its first 33 years of founded, with the pride of having being inaugurated by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.