Imposed Monsignor Willy with the archiepiscopal pallium

The papal Delegate vested Monsignor Willy Pino with the archiepiscopal pallium in Holy Mass, joined by numerous believers from the different parishes of the archdioceses.

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More young-people from Camagüey joins the army of teachers

The sixth graduation of the mid level course in teaching careers in the University of Camagüey “Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz” is formed by 39 young people, who received their degree by the hands of their professors and family.

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Use the earth to the maximum

The province is serious about solving the needs of food production, and ending with the justification that sometimes surrounds the agricultural panorama, for not ensuring the promotion of several crops with the argument of the few availability of water and in others occasions due to excessive rainfall.

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The projects Realidad, present and future of the Tarea Vida and Plan of the Cuban State to face climate change, were presented to the leaders of the Party, Government and other institutions related to the environment in the province of Camagüey...

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With a state of the road network that accumulates years of deterioration, in this city are invested about five million pesos in the repair and maintenance of about 30 streets, with priority for the fundamental urban corridors, where there are a greater vehicular concentration.

Summer courses in Camagüey on Technical and Vocational Education

With the premise of training mainly young people linked to various forms of labor management, the Provincial Directorate of Education in Camagüey designed 62 summer courses on technical and professional specialties, an experience started in 2016.

Nuevitas Pasteurizer breathed the airs of World Festival of Youth and Students on Wednesday, when choosing its direct delegate to Sochi, Russia, for next October. Dresmer Rojas García is the Camagüey’s third delegate with direct ticket to the 19th appointment of the progressive youths of the world.

Ballerina from Camagüey to Sochi

Lisandra Gómez de la Torre, prima ballerina of the Contemporary Ballet Company Endedans, is now the second direct delegate from Camagüey to the 19th World Festival of the Youth and the Students Sochi-2017.

Heberprot-P, made real 10 years ago in Cuba

On June 30, the use of the Heberprot-P will celebrate its 10th anniversary, counting, of course, its previous clinical trials in the country. Camagüey City, and specifically the University Hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech was one of the healthcare institutions selected for the trials back then and reported very positive outcomes.