Leaders of the Popular Power see progress of the recovery in Esmeralda

Members of the Council of the Provincial Administration of Ciego de Ávila, along with the presidents of the municipal assemblies of People's Power in this territory, appreciated the progress of the recovery in the municipality of Esmeralda, after the devastating hurricane Irma just over two months ago.

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The Natural and Traditional Medicine (MNT, Cuban acronym) is the oldest known form of healing. Beyond the belief that there were deities with healing power, from the very beginning of the humanity, people have resorted to the plants, sea water, and to many other resources of nature to heal the ailments.

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In Camagüey Colloquium of the Press Written

The Colloquium of the Written Press begins today in this city with the opening of a sample of snapshots taken by professionals and collaborators of the weekly Adelante, on the tribute of the Camagüey´s inhabitants to Fidel Castro between November 25 and December 2, 2016.

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Loyalty chronicles (+Photos)

In the middle of the most infinite nation´s pain there was no time for the rest. Fidel was putting us once again to test, from the immense happiness for his 90 birthday; we went to the deepest feeling of orphanage towards his absence.

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Fruitful exchange in Camagüey on challenges of environmental research

With regard to the impact of scientific research in the construction of a society based on the pillars of sustainable development, the Environmental Education Workshop and proposals to promote, in the context of the 14th International Conference of Education Sciences, at the Convention Center of Santa Cecilia, of this city.

A considerable increase of cases of the syndrome known as hand-foot-mouth, is reported in the country and specifically in Camagüey, according to specialists at the Center for Health Education in Camagüey.

Commemorate the half-century of Higher Education in Camagüey

To maintain their comprehensive results and the legacy of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, who inspired the formation of the new generations, the Minister of Higher Education, José Ramón Saborido Loidi, urged the students and professors of the University of Camagüey, Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, in the central act by the 50 anniversary of that institution.

The scientific community of this central-eastern Cuban region, the largest in the country with 16,000 square kilometers, met to discuss crucial issues in the workshop ''To Stand Up and Face Climate Change''.

The improvement toward a more inclusive education is one of the central axes of the 14th International Conference of Education Sciences, which will be held from November 6 to 8 at the Convention Center Santa Cecilia, of this city.