Having as premise the solidarity that always characterizes the Cuban people, the Santa Cruz’s inhabitants put into practice this principle with the delivery of donations for the victims of the tornado that hit Havana on January 27.

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Pioneers and young people will lead popular referendum

The workers and students of the educational sector in the province prepare themselves with view to the referendum of February 24. Approximately 459 schools will work as polling stations, and nearly 14 000 pioneers enlist to take care of the urns.

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Local development projects are enhanced in Camagüey

About 20 projects will be boosted in the current year in five Camagüey´s municipalities, according to the evaluation of the Provincial group of Local Development that met in the City of the Tinajones, whose historical center is Cultural Heritage of the Humanity.

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The Provincial Prize for Life and Work of Engineering 2019 was delivered by the Union of Architects and Construction engineers in Cuba (UNAICC) to four pofesionales of Camagüey, outstanding for their projects outside and within the province and country.

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The Tinajón: cultural expression of Camagüey

There are works that tend to bridge the past and constitute an emblem of our culture, such as the Tinajón (large earthenware jar).

Meeting in Camagüey Workshop on Climate Change Science

Training in knowledge of Climate Change Science is the fundamental objective of the course received, in this city, representatives of institutions related to the confrontation with this phenomenon of global impact.

For its integral results the Credit and Services Cooperative CCS Manuel Ascunse Domenech ranks as one of the best of its kind in this municipality of Camagüey in 2018.

A wide constructive and beautification movement is appreciated in this city, in the heat of the preparations to celebrate the 505th anniversary of the once Villa de Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, on February 2nd.

 The Camagüey fairgrounds is one of the most impactful works for the city, providing it with a wide exhibition, gastronomic and recreational complex.