To vote for the Revolution, it summons the CDR´s family of Camagüey

To vote for the candidates of the people on next Sunday, it is the call of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR) that discuss - in every block the members of the most massive organization of Cuba.

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Like base delegates, in the electoral colleges, in functions ofcollaborators, supervisors … the young people takes part in the General Elections in role of historical continuing generation of the Revolution.

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Encourage in Camagüey projects of local development initiative

With the aim of encouraging the creation of projects of the initiative for local development, and thereby achieve a financial source to support the budget of the State, in the province of Camagüey does a working group directed by vice president for economic programs of the Council of the Provincial Administration.

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Camagüey´s students receive preparation for Admission to Higher Education

More than two thousand 460, 12th grade students in the province of Camagüey are immersed in an intensive preparation for successful exit in entrance examinations to universities, in which this territory exceeded its previous course.

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Advances housing construction program in Camagüey Nuevitas

Through various alternatives, including precast technology, the Petrocasas and materials of local production, working in the commune of Nuevitas to gradually resolve the enormous damages caused by the hurricane Irma to that region of the northern Camagüey.

A comprehensive program, dedicated mainly to the professional exchange, today presented the provincial executive of the Union of Journalists of Cuba, to purpose of the near beginning of the day for the Day of the Cuban press that will elapse in Camagüey from 5 to 17 March nex

Looked at the industrialist present and future of Nuevitas

The students' formation in specialties related to the industrial activity, is consolidated in this northern city with the look put in the present and in the future in the different branches that support the economy of the territory.

Group of friendship Cuba - Sweden visits Camagüey

Organized by the Association of Friendship Sweden - Cuba and The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) they did stay in the city, a score of Swedish friends, who are on a tour in the whole Island to know more about the country and its people.

In order to improve the transportation of passengers and cargo, the railroad company Center This, in this province, implements a comprehensive reordering of the workshops for technical assistance to the park of locomotives and wagons, in addition to improve the comfort of the car, most with about 25 years of exploitation.