HAVANA, Cuba.- A US government delegation, headed by Ambassador Daniel Sepulveda, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Coordinator for International Communications and Policy Information of the United States, is in Cuba to exchange with Cuban authorities on telecommunications.

HAVANA, Cuba.- Three fires still active for several days in rural zones of the eastern Cuban province of Camaguey have thus far damage over 1 thousand 200 hectares of forest and pasture areas.

Havana.- Cuba has signed collaboration agreements with Brazil, Qatar, Argelia, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and African nations, announced today Vice Minister of Public Health Marcia Cobas.

Havana.- Cuban enterprise DESOFT, the biggest in Cuba regarding the amount of programs, is looking towards international markets and the Internet as nests for its information technology services, said its generalk director Luis Guillermo Fernandez Monday.

HAVANA, Cuba.- In its annual International Narcotics Control Strategy Report the US State Department admitted that despite Cuba´s geographical position between main illegal drug producers in the hemisphere and the US market, the island is not significant consumer, producer or transit point for illicit narcotics.

Havana.- The National Awards for the Academy of Sciences of Cuba to the best results of the country's scientific research in 2014 will be delivered today at the Jose Marti Memorial, at the capital's Revolution Square.