Havana.- In his most recent reflection article, entitled "Will Fair Ideas Triumph or Will Disaster Prevail?" Cuban Revolution leader says that if it's now possible to prolong a healthy life and plan development in tune with growing productivity, culture and the development of human values –- then what are we waiting for?

Havana.- The American long distance swimmer Diana Nyad received here the Order of Sporting Merit granted by the State Council of the Republic of Cuba, in the protocol lounge of The Little Lake.

Havana.- The prevalence of Dengue in many countries of the world continues to pose a complex situation, said Cuban health authorities who alerted that the presence on the island of all four types of Dengue has triggered a major concern.

Havana.- Cuba has adopted measures to minimize the entry of illegal capital sourcing from foreign investment transactions, an expert from Cuba's Central Bank (CCB) stated today.

Mexico.- Fidel Castro remains a beacon for the world, a living demonstration of the morals, principles, and unity of the Cuban people, Mexican scholar Tatiana Coll said in a lecture here.

Matanzas, Cuba.- The role of science and innovation in the sustainable development will be the focus of the 7th workshop CITAtenas-2014, scheduled to take place from November 11th to 13th in Matanzas, organizing committee announced today.