Reinforce measures in Camagüey to reduce road accident

To reinforce the surveillance and compliance with current legislation and to achieve greater organization and control by Municipal Commissions to reduce the accidents, centered the debate on the Annual Balance of the members of the Commission Provincial Road Safety.

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Territorial Contribution Benefits Camagüey´s Educational Centers

A program to improve the material conditions of the different student centers is carried out in this municipality of Camagüey.

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In the distance, the farm Palmira simulates an oasis. It is a copious point of green real palms in the middle of extensive and desolate pastures. They say that it is near the San Rafael batey (small rural town), at eight kilometers of the Magarabomba community and at 11km of Florida, but nothing more is glimpsed in all the surroundings, for what it is possible to infer that that "surrounds" is a peasant version of “to the song of the rooster”, that never comes.

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At the doors, new graduation of pedagogic assistants

A new graduation of pedagogic assistants for infantile circles will take place here at the end of March. The strategy was designed to cover the vacant places in 26 institutions of the early childhood in the municipality, situation that, in spite of the efforts, still presents difficulties.

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Agro-ecologic practices distinguish organic plantation in Céspedes

To contribute to the satisfaction of the demand of vegetables and fresh spices of the local population, by means of the use of agro-ecologic practices, is the target of those who work in the organic plantation “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes”, belonging to the Program of the Urban, Suburban and Familiar Agriculture in Camagüey.

New products of the milk industry in Camagüey

The Company of Dairy Products of Camagüey began the production of a new food, very nourishing made of whey, named Miragurt, from the use of the residues of the milk, reported Alexis Gil Pérez, general manager of the entity that annually processes values for approximately 263 million of pesos.

Sierra de Cubitas consolidates food

To encourage the productive development in Sierra de Cubitas constitutes a priority for the Agricultural and Citrus Company Sola from the pursuit, control and inspection.

Supplies of cooking oil stable in central Cuba

The late arrival of a Russian ship carrying refined cooking oil caused shortages in central Cuba, but the situation has improved in the last days, according to officials in the territory.

Limones-Tuabaquey: A treasure that qualifies the wealth of Camagüey

World Nature Day was proclaimed by the United Nations in order to make known the beauty and variety of wild flora and fauna.