Special Reports

Eloísa: The soul of the cooperative January 1st

Eloísa walks almost always with the gum boots, pants and shirt of long sleeves. The shawl doubled in triangle accompanies her at times on her shoulders or keeping jealously her hair under the hat of the big wings.

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Fidel in the Cuban future

Just in the 92 anniversary of the birth of Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (August 13, 1926), there begins in the whole country the consultation of the Project of Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

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“… it was not for posing for the History that he put the breast to the bullets when the invasion came, which he faced to the hurricanes on an equal footing, from hurricane to hurricane …”.

Eduardo Galeano

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Fidel and the strides of the time

 Still child, by the hand of my parents I went to the Central Road to see it spend in freedom Caravan. I then had the same age and the Christ-like beard, but had very in ideas Marxist-Leninist, tight in a colossal social program that only he and the people that always followed it would be able to materialize.

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She does not hear but she sees, and can move the hands; she also speaks and can do stories, answered the teacher Julia Barrios Alpízar when one of the grandparents invited not to bother to Ángela, she was always calm in her armchair, until the promoters of the project “Health and Life” convinced her to take part.

A walk along the mining in Cuba

Nickel, cobalt, lead and zinc constitute the principal products of exportation of the Cuban mining.

Che went forward his century

To speak with Arys Jorge Cebrián Puig for almost one hour about Che, of his presence in Camagüey and on the different contacts that he had while the Heroic Guerrilla Fighter worked as the Minister of Industries, is like bringing to the present the figure of a man of universal size.

At first he looked like a shy man, of those who finds it hard work to speak about himself. He did not stop moving in the chair and he was turning the pencil that he had in the hand, repeatedly. To be standing up in front of tens of students already does not make him nervous, but the interviews does.

When the academy bets on the environmental sustainability

Each day, we focus on interesting headlines: a progress in telephones, factories in advance with the latest technology, a robot will have feelings in 2025, and we forget to ask ourselves about the current state of our planet, for example, what are the dimensions of the ozone layer hole?...