Special Reports

The buffaloes magician

“ To see, old man,”, says Luis Yáñez Viamontes while he seizes for the headstall to a robust and black as the darkest night buffalo. "Over here", he speaks to the animal as one speaks to a friend, and accommodates it so that we could see it well.

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More Maiss Doctors: Reasons for an early return

Cuba, its humanism, its solidarity and its doctors make up a whole. This is how I feel and I know that we are many who think in this way. Those who distort or try to distort that reality, do so knowing that they lie and, worse, without taking into account the suffering and lack of protection in which they add their peers.

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Las Clavellinas: Camagüey people in the 1868 libertarian struggle

The uprising of Las Clavellinas, on November 4th, 1868, marks in the history of Cuba the decision of the patriots of Camagüey to join to the war initiated in  La Demajagua by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, 150 years ago.

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The best university title

She speaks little of herself. The history of her life, told by her, turns concerning more of the brothers who are not here anymore, her parents, the daughter who always accompanies her, and Jorge, the grandson away now by the obligations of the Military Service.

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In only two months several attractive tents arose in the Central Highway, almost in the corner of Martí street of this city, which contribute to the revival of the area, as it was an oasis, since there residents and travelers can refresh, consume food and even enjoy themselves in many ways, even with the wireless connection (Wi-Fi).

Gelania, the daring one

Earlier than in the city the women wake up at dawn in the countryside. Almost always before the sun wakes up the peasants already warmed the stoves and they have ready breakfasts and even lunches.

He speaks about Alfredo, his father, with clear worship; of him he learned, after all, what the ideals of justice and of revolution are. Although he refers to the Che with vehemence: "it was the most consecrated”, he says. I propose to him to converse of Ernesto Guevara because Raúl Zurita is a Camagüey´s citizen who took part in the Capture of Santa Clara at the end of 1958. However, the dialogue reserves some surprises...

The progress of her pupils is the biggest delight and the best recognition for the speech therapist Marcia Montalván Díaz, who every day has on herself the challenge of encouraging in the children the good use of the words and the pronunciation of the sounds.

Japanese secret to live 100 years or more

After the death a few days ago of the most aged person of the world, the 117-year-old Japanese Chiyo Miyako, the "title" relapsed into one from the same country, 115-year-old Kane Tanaka.