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 “I knew well that you were going to return, that you were going to return from any place, because the pain has not killed the utopia, because the love is eternal and the people who loves you do not forget you”.

Gerardo Alfonso

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 In Camagüey, second kidney transplantation in pediatric age

Yurisan Villavicencio Matos, of 16 years and with residence in the municipality of Florida, received a kidney transplant the past September 18 in the center of Nephrology, University Hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech, of this city. It was the second benefited child from such medical procedure in pediatric age group in the province of Camagüey.

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Half of Cuban youngsters suffer from allergies

Allergy, an immunological disease, considered one of the epidemics of the 21st century, affects 45% of the adolescent and young adult population in Cuba, studies show.

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 Opened forces for the recovery in Sierra de Cubitas and Brazil

Pessimism is a missing word of the language of the inhabitants of this municipality and of the Popular Council Brazil, of the territory of Esmeralda, who replace with the term confidence and to grow in confidence before the adversities generated by the powerful hurricane “Irma“.

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The Cuban political system is singular, different from others of the world, because of the leading role and popular unit in the construction of the present and national destiny, and because the Communist Party of Cuba is unique, it is not electoral, although its members - as part of the population - can be nominated and elected in the residence places, as the recruits to the armed bodies.

Versions of a genre (+ Gallery)

My great-grandmother was born in 1921. It was already a decade that the Day of the Woman was celebrated; nevertheless, the society, which received her was very, very far of thinking about the feminine achievement.

I knew her in Vertientes´ cane plantations, watering pieces of the sweet seed on the open ruts, but her labor history began many decades earlier near the Siboney sugar mill...

Santa Lucia, destination every summer

Although Santa Lucia doesn't look today as beautiful as in the past, remains the main destination of the Camagüey´s family vacationer, such that each July and August insists on filling the white sands of this beach resort.

Fidel, forever Fidel

There are men that the history and memory of the peoples and humanity endeavors to perpetuate, and one of them is the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz.