Special Reports

From caste it comes to the cowboy

In the middle of the bustles with the animals, in the competition of milking that was done in The Hills of Guáimaro, the thin boy of low height could have gone unnoticed. But his short age, shorter than he seems, was attracting attention.

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“A reason of life”

The noise of the typewriter was the melody of 365 nights of the year, they were cold or warm, it was there under the tireless fingers of a father. The sound of its keys was feeding the hearts of Barbara and Gilberto Valdés, the children who began to fall in love with dancing of the words and the news. The essence and the aroma of doing a good journalism was the witness of the love of their parents and the gait for the life.

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The GEGEM comeback to Mexico

Comeback, the first expedition of this year, done to the cave system of Cave Mexico, in the coastal flatness of the north of Camagüey, achieved indications that it is possible that till now the biggest cavern of the center of the country is much more extensive than till now it had been calculated.

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Although there are many positive examples in Venezuela, several Cuban collaborators in the country recall their experiences serving in other parts of the world, with tales of internationalist work straight from the heart

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Summon in Camagüey to being still joined by the Socialism ( Photos)

With an evocation to the feeling of unit bequeathed by the historical generation of the Revolution, Tania Díaz Bermúdez, general secretary of the Head office of Workpeople of Cuba (CTC) in Camagüey, summoned to the working class to keeping on defending unconditionally the conquests of the people.

Fifty years to the south of the dial

“What is the name of the doll?”, asks the director of programs, Katriana Muñiz Álvarez. The girl look at her and answers: "It is called a Violet”. Among the work team highlights a special person, an already inseparable kid of the radial house.

The seat

The seat to the right of Díaz-Canel, elected President of the Councils of State and Ministers on April 19, only appeared to be empty, just as it had during Raúl’s term in office

   Mambi constitutions: Precursors to democracy in Cuba today

Cuba's current electoral system draws on the constitutions of Guáimaro, Jimaguayú and La Yaya

Great patriots wrote the history, men and women who occupy glorious pages for their austerity, daring and value without limits, all with a shared ideal: the love for Cuba.