Special Reports

Climate change brings transformations in Cuba

 The country has developed a state plan to adapt to the serious environmental challenge, reflecting Cuba's advanced position on a world level

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Of the History, the future and the reality of a Camagüey´s young man

Osvaldo Betancourt Cardoso is one of the four Camagüey´s citizens, which was recently winner of the Abel Santamaria medal, awarded by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba on a proposal from the Union of Young Communists.

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Surprises box

Lissette Hernández is 29 years old and has two children, Noel and Luis Enrique. We met a year ago, in the Plaza de los Trabajadores (Square of the Workpeople), because they were taking part in the public action for the World Day of Campaign to Raise public awareness on the Autism.

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A consultation with a mom

He still smells her, although not with the intensity that was taking a lock of hair when he was teeny-weeny. It could be read as a height, but doctor Yadira Zayas did not know that her son Ernesto had disorder of the autistic spectrum.

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Surgical procedure for the first time in Cuba (+ Gallery)

For the first time in Cuba there was done the surgical intervention of exeresis of tumor of the thoracic wall and mediastinum, with the laying of a somato prosthesis of the body of the sternum in the university hospital Manuel Ascunce Domenech, of this city, with a duration of two hours and 25 minutes, without complications, to 48-year-old Armando Jesus Concepción Álvarez, resident in the municipality of Florida.

René González Sehweret, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and vice-president of the Cultural Society José Martí, speaks passionately about the one who marked the history of Cuba from the last decades of the 19th century and keeps on doing it at the distance of 123 years.

Dayami Rodríguez García has the incentive that in the center she directs, the Managerial Unit of Base Mechanical Solutions (Somec), where the men prevail, she has never been looked badly by the so-called strong sex and, especially, she has been respected since she put a foot in the plant in 1996 as mechanical engineer, with only 24 years of age.

Just on February 24, 1880 José Martí speaks to the Cuban of the emigration in Steck Hall of New York to value what happened in the War of Ten Years and to argue the imperious character of a new stage of struggle, moment from which it turns into the organizer of the Necessary War.

One of the many philosophical lessons bequeathed to us by the Greek culture has been the meditation on the letters Alpha and Omega. The first one represents the beginning and the other represents the end of the earthly stay of any kind. From these principles, the existence of Camilo could be summed up in the street Lawton and the sea.