Special Reports

The long road to the normalization of migratory relations

A detailed history of migratory relations between the United States and Cuba, which changed abruptly after 1959, as Washington turned its immigration policy into another instrument of war against the Revolution

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Why a blockade and not an embargo?

Although the United States didn’t fully implement the blockade against Cuba until February 7, 1962, it had been applying similar policies against the island since 1959

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Regenerative medicine

Considered one of the most remarkable global scientific advances of the past two decades in the health field, regenerative medicine shows promising prospects for application in the treatment of various conditions

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The Joint Statement, signed in Havana by the Cuban and US governments last January 12 changes, for the first time in five decades the political and antagonist nature of the bilateral migration relationship.

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The same ideals united US writer Alice Walker and actor Danny Glover with the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro despite having been born in different countries and era.

Fidel is Cuba (+Photos)

He alked with difficulty but without help. His assistants advanced at his side, aware of every step, but I imagine he had ordered them to leave him alone. He sat in his seat, forever his, although he was no longer formally a member of the Central Committee. The last session of the 7th Party Congress was underway.

Our surgical beauty

We almost coincide that the person’s internal beauty is the most important, but the packaging of certain virtues sells the entire package. As it is said in the Cuban popular slang: what it does not enter through the eyes…

“I would give my life to be what I used to be” (Interview)

This June 26th, International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, we share the testimony of a mother whose life was dramatically changed few months ago because she suffers the consequences of having an addicted son.

Summer season forecast

The sea is a constant feature for Cubans, we have in the DNA a lot of brackish alligator. That is why in the months of July and October we cannot avoid the magnetic attraction to the traditional dip in honor to Yemaya.