Special Reports

Alberto Méndez back in the Camagüey Ballet

The Cuban choreographer Alberto Méndez, National Award of Dance, is setting six plays for the show of tribute given to him by the Camagüey Ballet on July 29 and 30 in this city.

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Construction works in Camagüey

As part of the actions carried out to celebrate July 26th, journalists from the media of this province visited different construction works, to verify their progress and the benefits they will provide to the people of Camagüey, once completed.

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Remedies against the laryngitis

Wherever you want to look, the cigarette does not have a kind side. Scarcely, the harmful smoke enters the mouth, the gradual decline happens, in the smokers, of organs like the larynx. Nevertheless, there are natural remedies capable of restoring the functions of this conduit and even, that they help to face the addiction to this silent enemy.

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Trans-sexuality, the right to be

Dayanis Daniela is 34 years old, but only in the last period of five years she has been called like that. Until October 2, 2012 everybody called her Daniel. She is a woman with doubts, many doubts; she might write a book of questions, as she began collecting them since she was a child.

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I envy yesterday. Of the reality of others, of the origin of all. Of the years where my country was forged, where the foundations of what we are today were warmed up, of the History made by men and not letters, where the facts are alive and not printed.

In Camagüey: Domestic Reptiles

They know each other for more than ten years. They were born in distant places: one in the forests of the Venezuelan Amazon and the other, in the north cays of Camagüey.

Commander Victor Dreke Cruz “ is one of the pillars on which I relied “ wrote Ernesto Che Guervara after a mission to Africa in the mid 60s.


I knew her only across the media. Perhaps for the proper distance that exists between her generation and mine, I know her less than I should, but nevertheless I admire her.

The soul of a Giant

David Lescano Artiles is 19 years old and he practices sports for only six months. He came to the nets of badminton by means of Nelson, a friend and teacher of the discipline, who encouraged him to try this pastime and at the same time to eliminate the sedentary lifestyle he was carrying.