Special Reports

Cuban Economy in 2016

The Cuban economy once again swings under the balance of its GDP estimating a modest growth rate of 2 percent in 2016 after recovering the previous year from the slowdevelopment maintained in recent years.

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United Nations.- Cuban President, Raul Castro, continues today his extensive work program at the UN, where he will deliver a speech at the high-level segment of the General Assembly.

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Camagüey.- Although the surveys were showing him like the winner, it really surprised the margin of over seven points that Alexis Tsipras facing his competitor, the party New Democracy, of Vanguelis Meimarakis, who immediately admitted his defeat in the legislative elections celebrated last Sunday, September 20th.

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Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Only a few days are left before my visit to Cuba. Therefore, I wish to send you a fraternal greeting before we meet personally.

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Santiago de Cuba.- Pope Francis celebrated Mass early Tuesday morning at the El Cobre Sanctuary in Santiago de Cuba.

Holguin.- Cuban President Raul Castro attended a mass officiated by Pope Francis in the eastern city of Holguin, the second leg of his Cuba Papal visit, which will conclude in Santiago de Cuba on Tuesday.

Havana.- Pope Francis visited the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, on Sunday, following his Mass delivered in Havana.

Havana.- In his message to the Cuban people during Sunday's mass, Pope Francis said human beings should serve one another and not ideologies. He said: “The importance of the people and nations is measured by the extend to which they are willing and ready to serve others. Those who don't put their lives at the service of others, do not lead lives worth living.”

Camagüey.- Who would have thought that in less than two decades the cayman of the Caribbean Sea would be visited by three Pedro's descendents of the last years? Cuba is a people of deep faith, of a religious tradition that has been constructed from the routine. Then, perhaps for it, it has been visited by St John Paul II and Benedict XVI, and now by Pope Francis.