20 April 2019

In Camagüey, National Seminar of Schools Associated to the UNESCO

The 27th National Seminar of Schools Associated to the UNESCO (Organization of United Nations for the Education, Science and Culture) foreseen from April 23 until April 25, will take the city of Camagüey as venue. The event will have the attendance of Department of Education officials, members of the Regional Office of the UNESCO and the representation of all the educational centers of the country associated to the organization.

19 April 2019

Camagüey celebrates new National Monument

Camagüey already has nineteen National Monuments, due to the inclusion of the Battle of Naranjo-Mojacasabe, of the municipality of Najasa, in this list of more than 530 in Cuba, according to the Office of Monuments and Historical Places of the Provincial Center of Cultural Heritage.

17 April 2019

The Cuban government rejected this Wednesday the US State Department's announcement to activate Title III of the Helms-Burton law, which allows the establishment of lawsuits against foreign companies that manage assets nationalized by the Revolution.

17 April 2019

Rice mill of Florida ready for new campaign

The works to face a new cold campaign in the receipt and drying of rice will begin during this week in the Rice Mill Libertad, located in the Popular Council San Antonio, to the south of the Camagüey´s municipality of Florida. Robbi Vázquez Ramírez, the director of the entity informed it the press.

17 April 2019

Positive indexes of Honey Production in Camagüey

With 148 tons of honey delivered to the industry at the end of last March, 25 tons more than the plan, the Business Unit of Base Camagüey Beekeeping maintains a favorable pace in the collection of the demanded product.

17 April 2019

Camagüey participates in International Ballet Meeting

Students of the Academy of the Arts Vicentina de la Torre participate in the 25th Meeting of Academies for the Teaching of Ballet and the International Competition for young students of Ballet, which takes place from April 13 to 27, in the National School, in the Cuban capital.

17 April 2019

To the ground, the heart and later the hands

Camagüey is a proud pioneer of Cuba, the implementation of the program of the suburban agriculture, which in this April arrives at its 10 years of founded.

16 April 2019

Migration of right, or right of migration

The studies hoist that the migration is a vital right. There say the statisticians that the migration benefits so much to the receiving countries as to those of origin. It is me who says, that I am a rosary of the people who have gone away, who although this right is quantified in numbers and fair weather, also weighs in sorrows. 

11 April 2019

The 27 Provincial Holiday of the Music is from April 11 until April 13 in the city of Camagüey, and it will work like a mega-event, when adding to the infantile coral and the values meeting with adolescent and young, named Cuba, qué linda es Cuba.

11 April 2019

Why Guáimaro?

This April 10 we commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Constituent Assembly and of the Constitution of Guáimaro. Adelante proposes a trip to that seed of the nation. We come to three historians who shared their points of view for a documentary produced by the Provincial Center of Cultural Heritage of Camagüey, with the script of Ricardo Muñoz Gutiérrez, the photography of Norlys Guerrero Pi and the direction of Alberto Santos Casas.