12 March 2019

Condemns Cuba terrorist attack on Venezuelan power system

The Cuban government issued an statement condemning the sabotage to the Venezuelan power system that left over 70 percent of the South American nation in the darkness in the last days.

11 March 2019

The Book Fair broke the myths by its reach to several spaces. It has been a real feast, a gift to the spirit, affirmed in the closing Yunielkis Naranjo Guerra, director of the Provincial Center of the Book and Literature (CPLL).

11 March 2019

Camagüey´s athlete Echevarría jumps 8.92 meters and wins Cuba Athletics Cup

A phenomenal record of 8.92 meters had Juan Miguel Echevarría in the final of the long jump, corresponding to the Cuba Cup of Athletics that hosted the auxiliary track of the Pan-American Stadium, this capital.

09 March 2019

Taino Games: University Sport at the corner

The Taínos Interfaculty Games, the main sporting event of the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, will return from March 5 to 20, to define which is the most athletic faculty of this center of high studies.

08 March 2019

Two Cubans included in Elite Group of Capablanca Memorial Chess Championship

The Cuban national senior champions in the last two years, Carlos Albornoz, from Camagüey city, and Yuri Gonzalez, will be the only local players in the Elite group of the Capablanca Memorial Chess Championship...

08 March 2019

Supplies of cooking oil stable in central Cuba

The late arrival of a Russian ship carrying refined cooking oil caused shortages in central Cuba, but the situation has improved in the last days, according to officials in the territory.

07 March 2019

Cuban Women´s Federation starts its Congress

The 10th Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) is being held today in the Conventions Center of Havana.

07 March 2019

Top Cuban sports official fired

The State Council, at the proposal of its President Miguel Diaz-Canel, agreed to remove Antonio Eduardo Becali Garrido from the position of President of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), in response to deficiencies in his work.

06 March 2019

Limones-Tuabaquey: A treasure that qualifies the wealth of Camagüey

World Nature Day was proclaimed by the United Nations in order to make known the beauty and variety of wild flora and fauna.

06 March 2019

Book Fair began in Camagüey

 The 28th Book Fair in this city officially opened ago with readings, evocations of great Cuban authors, with music and the unusual dance of the Ballet of Camagüey, which interpreted an Algerian rumba, because to that Arab culture is dedicated the event.