16 November 2017

Hand, foot and mouth disease, and children…

The weather has a decisive impact on the emergence of viruses, and Cuba, as part of the tropics, faces a complex epoch in which adults concern about the children of very particular way, especially facing the conditions such as the one, we are going to address to today, that it is also visible. That is why Dr. Yamina Rivero Fernández made an apart for us and explains about the syndrome hand, foot and mouth disease...

14 November 2017

In Camagüey Colloquium of the Press Written

The Colloquium of the Written Press begins today in this city with the opening of a sample of snapshots taken by professionals and collaborators of the weekly Adelante, on the tribute of the Camagüey´s inhabitants to Fidel Castro between November 25 and December 2, 2016.

14 November 2017

Loyalty chronicles (+Photos)

In the middle of the most infinite nation´s pain there was no time for the rest. Fidel was putting us once again to test, from the immense happiness for his 90 birthday; we went to the deepest feeling of orphanage towards his absence.

13 November 2017

Happy to visit Cuba for the first time, whose leaders and people he thanked for their support for his release, the Puerto Rican independence leader Oscar López Rivera arrived in Havana this morning.

09 November 2017

The Provincial Championship boxers from Camaguey to Playa Giron

With the participation of boxers of all towns and some of the Camagüey´s members of the national pre-selection, will begin tomorrow, Thursday in Najasa, the Provincial Boxing Championship Playa Girón.

09 November 2017

Cuba Elected to UNESCO Executive Board

Cuba was elected to join the UNESCO Executive Board for the period 2017-2021, in the elections held today at the 39th General Conference of that United Nations organization.

09 November 2017

Fruitful exchange in Camagüey on challenges of environmental research

With regard to the impact of scientific research in the construction of a society based on the pillars of sustainable development, the Environmental Education Workshop and proposals to promote, in the context of the 14th International Conference of Education Sciences, at the Convention Center of Santa Cecilia, of this city.

09 November 2017

Cuban Baseball: Las Tunas remains on Top

The leader Las Tunas knocked out Artemisa 14-2 and remains on top of the standings of the 57th Cuban National Baseball Series Left-hander Yudiel Rodriguez earned his 8th win of the season while DH Danel Castro, who achieved his 2,000th hit the day before, continues on fire when batting 3 for 3, including two doubles and one RBI.

09 November 2017

The US government measures announced on Wednesday by the US State, Treasury and Commerce Departments confirm the serious setback of bilateral relations as a result of the change of policy towards Cuba pronounced by President Donald Trump...

08 November 2017

Cuba will present its experience in the program on the care of diabetic people with emphasis in education about this illness from the level of primary health care during the 9th Endo-crinology Congress and the 3rd on Reproductive Health for Diabetic Women, which will be held here in Havana from November 8th to the 10th.