HAVANA.- Cuban Serguei Torres got a gold medal in the 2018 ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup held in Szeged, Hungary, by winning the C-1 Men 5000 meters event with time of 21: 57.394 minutes.

Torres was followed by Russian Kirill Shamshurin (22: 16.166), Spanish Diego Romero (22: 36.133), Polish Mateusz Kaminski (22: 49.505) and the also Cuban Fernando D. Jorge (22: 51.394), in that order, in a race attended by 22 canoeists, according to the tournament website.

For Torres, this was his second title in the contest, since he also won the C-2 Men 1000m event, in the company of Jorge, with time of 3: 35.734 minutes, escorted by China´s Hao Liu and Hao Wang (3: 36.712) and Russians Ilya Pervukhin-Kirill Shamshurin (3: 36.823), respectively.

With this result, they improved the silver medal achieved in this same contest in 2017.

Last year, Torres and Jorge had a terrific performance in the WC of Montemor-O-Velho, Portugal, when winning the C-2 Men 1000m event, as well as gold and silver medals respectively in the C-1 5000m events.

Also last season, the Cuban pair ranked second in the World Cup of Racice, Czech Republic.

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