21 June 2018

Almost ready the Candido González Ballpark

The construction hustle and bustle that changes the routines of the city sport center continues, the bullring is transformed. Now, three teams of self-employees assume the repair of the almost sexagenarian stadium “Cándido González”...

21 June 2018

Council of Ministers analyzes performance of Cuban economy

The Council of Ministers, meeting earlier this week in the Palace of the Revolution and headed by its President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, analyzed the performance of the national economy in the first half of the year, the liquidation of the 2017 State Budget and the control actions taken to implement it, as well as exports, foreign loans for investment and foreign investment.

21 June 2018

Cuba’s exemplary biotechnology research

 The state enterprise group BioCubaFarma has 393 research projects underway, of which 102 involve biotechnology

20 June 2018

The San Juan 2018 is here!

The most popular celebration of the year in Camaguey is here, just in time to cool down the intense heat of the early summer. The San Juan 2018 knocks at the door of people in Camaguey with a sweet taste of local traditions.

19 June 2018

Cubaindustria 2018 Convention and Exhibition Kicks off in Havana

Cubaindustria 2018 began on Monday in Havana with the presence of Cuba’s Vice President Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés Menéndez.

18 June 2018

 Sierra de Cubitas - Camaguey route

A traffic accident occurred early this Monday in Camagüey, leaving 30 injured, three of them minors, with no human fatalities, informed Dr. Eduardo Rivero Pelaez, director of the Clinical Surgery Hospital Amalia Simoni.

18 June 2018

El Macho Vacuno at the head of the cattle development in Camaguey

With four breeds of high meat throughput, the Managerial Unit El Macho Vacuno belonging to the Maraguan Livestock Enterprise is currently one of the most outstanding in the delivery of high quality meat service to the industry in the territory.

18 June 2018

Coming soon in Havana, 8th International Event of Pantomime

The 8th International Event of Pantomime, Havana 2018, that will be held from June 20th to June 24th with the involvement of 34 mimes from 6 different countries, will be devoted to the topic of identity, paying also tribute to the Brazilian mime, Miqueias Da Paz.

18 June 2018

Cuban gymnast Manrique Larduet won three gold medals in the men´s events (rings, vault and parallel bars) of the 2018 IGF World Challenge Cup of Guimaraes, Portugal, in which his countryman Randy Leru also earned a silver medal in the high bar event.

15 June 2018

Three decades of work at the Blood bank of this province have provided Tamara Moya Vázquez with a special sensibility in the face of donating this vital liquid, thus, during almost 20 years she has also offered a part of herself to them who needs it.