Special Reports

Rome.- Pope Francis met today with Cuban President Raul Castro in a private audience of about 55 minutes held in the halls near the Paul VI room of the Vatican.

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HAVANA, Cuba.- The People´s Summit that ran in parallel with the Summit of the Americas in Panama will close today with the confirmed presence of nine Latin American Presidents, announced Alfredo Grael.

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HAVANA, Cuba.- The Cuban delegation to the Summit of the Peoples underway in Panama City revealed details of a meeting held by US-paid mercenaries and officials from that government to discuss how to act during the Civil Society Forum.

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Camagüey.- In contrast to the previous ones, the VIIth Summit of the Americas shows a different face. Not only because it has stopped being the occasion so that the powerful ones, the United States, will make clear who "is in charge" in the area; since it has been proving that it is history since the past conclave; also because the unit of Latin America is an achievement and not an aspiration.

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Panama.- Panama holds today two summit meetings in the presence of the most disadvantaged population from Latin America and the Caribbean, and the governments ruling the destinies of their citizens.

Havana.- The VIIth Summit of the Americas will start today in the Anayansi Theater, of the Center of Conventions ATLAPA of City of Panama, where it is expected the statesmen's assistance of 35 Latin-American, Caribbean countries and of North America.

Jorge Enrique Jerez Belisario, disabled young man, student of Journalism and active blogger, is one of the Cuban delegates who participate in the IVth Forum of Young people of the Americas.

Panama City.- The Camagüeyan multichampion of the hammer throwing, Yipsi Moreno, called in this capital to demonstrate to those who have more economic power that a world of peace and harmony is possible.

Panama.- Latin American and Caribbean students condemned today the presence of notorious terrorist Félix Rodríguez Mendigutía and other mercenaries attending forums at the 8th Summit of the Americas.