Gente de Zona and Laura Pausini seduce Cuba in a unique concert

The popular regueton duo Gente de Zona rocked the Cuban public this Tuesday night in a unique concert that had as a luxury guest the famous Italian singer Laura Pausini, who seduced the audience with her voice and charisma.

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The San Juan 2018 is here!

The most popular celebration of the year in Camaguey is here, just in time to cool down the intense heat of the early summer. The San Juan 2018 knocks at the door of people in Camaguey with a sweet taste of local traditions.

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Coming soon in Havana, 8th International Event of Pantomime

The 8th International Event of Pantomime, Havana 2018, that will be held from June 20th to June 24th with the involvement of 34 mimes from 6 different countries, will be devoted to the topic of identity, paying also tribute to the Brazilian mime, Miqueias Da Paz.

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For the first time, Orishas in Camaguey

Orishas, considered the most representative group of Cuban Hip Hop, will be performing in this city next Friday, as part of the first tour across three provinces, following their return to the Cuban musical scene after almost 10 years of absence.

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Rumbatéate for third time

The city of Camagüey will repeat like rumba´s square with the biennial event Rumbatéate, foreseen from June 8 until June 11, and dedicated to the percussionists of the National Folk Set (CFN).

Theatrical May with playwrights of eight countries

The Period of Latin-American and Caribbean Theater Theatrical May comes to national stages from the 11 to the 20 of this month, with the playwrights' participation of eight countries of this geographical area.

f Camagüey in the Romerías of May

The company Teatro de Luz and the Contemporary Ballet of Camagüey, they are some of the artistic groups who represent this province in 25th Romerías de Mayo, event that until next Monday develops in this city of the Cuban east.

Americans dance to Cuban rhythms

Hundreds of spectators attended the opening of the Festival Artes de Cuba, held at the Eisenhower Theater at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., dancing to Cuban rhythms.

In Washington, festival Arts of Cuba

The expectations for appreciating a good sample of the Cuban culture grow, as the beginning of the festival Arts of Cuba approaches, which will be developed from May 8 until May 20 in the Center John F. Kennedy for the Scenic Arts, of Washington.