Camagüey.- There, in the wall, right where the Gallery Nicolás Guillén receives the one who crosses the threshold of the Adelante newspaper, I am, we all see ourselves. I do not know if he is a man, or turtle that simulates a man; but the cassava carapace clearly says that of this load of history and past nobody can escape.

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Havana.- Maya Plisetskaya was a dancer of much courage, recognized today Cuban Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso, who along with the Russian star marked ballet of the 20th century.

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Camagüey.- The Vth Day of the Cultural Diversity for the Dialogue and the Development in Camagüey, to be develop from 21st to 25th of the present month, will be the opportunity to turn towards Palestine our looks and solidarity bonds.

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Camagüey.- Metallic sounds will invade the city from today until the next May 17th during the National Rock Festival “Sonidos de la Ciudad”, an event that in its XIIth edition tries to group again the lovers of this musical genre.

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Camagüey.- The Principal Theater could not avoid opening its doors for the occasion. In the International Dance Day, the Ballet of Camagüey, along with the Company Andarte, the Contemporary Ballet Endedans and the Artistic Group Maraguán, gave to the villagers a Program in homage to the date.

Camagüey.- There says the Yoruba religion that to Olorun, master of the sky and the beyond, we owe the energy, because he is the sustenance of the terrestrial life, proprietor of the colors, the light, the air, the vigor and the effort.

Camagüey.- With a lot of energy, because in the Yoruba language Olorom symbolizes the Sun, there will kick off in this city the VIIth edition of the Festival Olorum 2015, an event that there tries to promote the music and dance art and the Cuban folk as expression of the national identity.

- Wraped up Fair of the Book in Camagüey

Camagüey.- With her humility, historian Olga Portuondo received this Saturday the Coat of Arms of the City, maximum distinction of the Government in the municipality of Camagüey, in the context of the XXIVth Fair of the Book Cuba 2015.

Camagüey.- Yesterday kicked off in areas of the Rural Casino of this city the Camagüeyan chapter of the 24th edition of the Fair of the Book, which is dedicated to the India, to writers Olga Portuondo and Leonardo Acosta and the 25 years of the Publishing house Ácana.