Closes its Doors after a week of the Camagüey´s Culture

With the elegance and distinctive pattern of the musical Soneros of Camacho, was fired at yesterday evening's Culture Week in Camagüey, which hosted the celebrations for the anniversary of this millennial environment code, from 1st to February 7.

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 Works by the Cuban Martha Jiménez Pérez, plastic artists resident in this city, came to London, United Kingdom, at the invitation of the Parallax Art Fair 2018.

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Art by Autistic Children to Commemorating the 504th Anniversary of Camaguey

Music, dance and games characterized the cultural event carried out by autistic children on Tuesday in the Ignacio  Agramonte Cultural House in Camaguey, among other activities on the anniversary of the former Villa de Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe.

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Starts Camagüey´s Culture Week

 With the traditional parade through the streets of the historic center of the city, led by professional and amateur artistic groups, began the activities for the Week of the Camagüeyan Culture, that until the day 7 February 504 celebrates the anniversary of the foundation of the once Town of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.

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Over 40 Countries to Participate in International Book Fair

The 27th International Book Fair to be held from February 1st to the 11th in Havana and extended until May 13th in the rest of the country will have the participation of over 40 countries and 400 foreign guests.

Film about Ignacio Agramonte will glorify civic and patriotic values

In February it will start the shooting of the largest fiction feature, dedicated to Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, the eponymous hero of Camagüey, announced here its director, the Cuban filmmaker Rigoberto Lopez Pego.

Here I am, Fidel put to his image of the child in front of the monolith. Jorge Luis Sánchez Rivera was achieving what he wanted after several attempts, nevertheless, he did not check the files up to almost one year later. It was enough to put it out to the cyberspace and the snapshot of this photographer of the Magazine Bohemia became "viral".

The way of the guitar

When the troubadour Antonio Batista sings to his audience, he plays the truths that, he says, they do a musical. In his themes he pours the impressions on the soul will leave the female beauty, the streets of Camaguey, the chiaroscuro of life and love toward all that reason or person that led, spontaneously, by the way of the guitar.

Ballet of Camagüey in Switzerland

The Ballet of Camaguey is in Switzerland to start its international tour, especially with the play Carmen, which will be presented in that country and in several stages in Spain, until the beginning of February.