La Maravilla puts music to the Camagüey´s youth entertaining

The Union of Communist Youth in Camagüey gave recognition to the orchestra Maravilla de Florida, during the concert last night at Freedom Square, with which the new generation of Camagüey´s citizens received 56 anniversaries of the UJC and 57 of the José Martí Pioneers Organization.

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Expert of the dance will offer conference in Camagüey

A conference on the points of contact between dance and the visual arts, offered in this city professor Ismael Albelo Oti, a member of the International Dance Council of UNESCO.

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There are original snapshots of the North Pole that with the company of his author, the North American photographer Paul Murray, make of the exhibition Extreme Latitudes, an unprecedented event in this city.

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Invitation to celebration Marionettes in My Region

The interest to promote the theater of figures and the love for the puppeteer art constitutes the principal target of the celebration days Marionettes in My Region, foreseen from March 15 until March 21 in this city.

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The fair is also for the children (+Photos)

A child who says to all “I go to the fair of the book”, the young woman in search of the text that her small niece has asked her, and the pupils of the Primary School Rolando Espinosa López, of this city, they are some of the personages who prowled about the surroundings of the Casino Campestre.

From China to Camagüey: holiday of the letters

A book that highlights the qualities of its geography, postcards joined in the shape of accordion and audiovisual materials, all referred to the People's Republic of China, they are exhibited in the House of the Cultural Diversity of this city, where it initiated today the International Fair of the Book.

Acosta Dance Company to Perform on Wednesday in Camaguey

 The Principal Theater in the city of Camaguey will host a performance by the prestigious Acosta Dance Company after ending presentations throughout the eastern province.

Special connotation acquires to Cuban culture, the death today of the general and artistic director of the emblematic puppet theater of Camagüey, Mario Guerrero Zabala, to 70 years of age.

Isabel Santos is presented first as an actress, because Cuba has known her in front of the camera, but she also knows how to directa film, as has just confirmed here in her homeland, with the documentary Glory City.