• The immensity of a woman

    In the distance, the farm Palmira simulates an oasis. It is a copious point of green real palms in the middle of extensive and desolate pastures. They say that it is near the San Rafael batey (small rural town), at eight kilometers of the Magarabomba community and at 11km of Florida, but nothing more is glimpsed in all the surroundings, for what it is possible to infer that that "surrounds" is a peasant version of “to the song of the rooster”, that never comes.

  • Camagüey´s women contribute to Cuba

    To strengthen the work in the communities and the exchange with the workers of the not state sector and to keep on adding up young people to the activities of the organization, stand out among the challenges of the Federation of Cuban Women in this province, prominent in the country by its chore in the last calendar.

  • Federation of Cuban Women Evaluate Preventive Work in the Community

    The National Committee of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) met on Wednesday in Havana to discuss strengthening preventive, educational and social work in the community.

  • Versions of a genre (+ Gallery)

    My great-grandmother was born in 1921. It was already a decade that the Day of the Woman was celebrated; nevertheless, the society, which received her was very, very far of thinking about the feminine achievement.