CAMAGÜEY. - My great-grandmother was born in 1921. It was already a decade that the Day of the Woman was celebrated; nevertheless, the society, which received her was very, very far of thinking about the feminine achievement.

They named her Margarita, dreaming that she were delicate, fragile, beautiful, as it was corresponding to every young lady. She was taught to do marvels with the needle and the pans, to iron and to wash, to lower the head if the males were speaking.

She found love and began constructing her family with this “Doctorate in Feminine Sciences”, so she had a successful marriage, although, being fair, her man was never disrespectful or abused her. Both were the result of their education.

They had only one daughter and did of her another “lady”. My grandmother tells that she never appear without company not even to the portal, and that she only went out of house the day of her wedding.

In 1960, both of them stopped being just women. They began to be also federated and doors until then prohibited were opened to them. Some of those doors, they never dared to touch them.

But my "Yeya" - for me she was never Margarita – she adapted herself like few ones to the ways and the language of her descendants. Softly, like hiding from other adults, she was advising us when we were adolescents not to be content with the first fiancé, but with the one who make us happy; and she confessed that even with more than 90 years old, she had too many doubts about sexuality.

More conservative, my grandmother applauds other innovations that that Revolution initiated by Vilma and Fidel brought. To her three granddaughters, she gave the most felt tears the day of our theses, and she supports that we want to learn to drive, that we travel round Cuba with friends or our couples, that we are free and realized girls, and one day - if we want and not because it avenges with our sex - mothers.

Logically to my generation, it sounds less necessary than to them the Federation of Cuban Women. When we come to the world, it was already our right, as we were dreaming, to dress ourselves of doctors, teachers, cane-cutters or cabdrivers; to enjoy without taboos of the baseball or the in synchronized swimming; to marry the one whom we decide, to get divorced; to be single mothers or to abort with the suitable conditions … to choose with freedom every step.

But 57 calendars after the 60´s, the dreams of Vilma and his / our Federation do not see the goal. Too many females live submitted to someone that believes is her proprietor or to her own stereotypes and everywhere are naturalized speeches or routines that despise us.

Perhaps looking at your genealogical tree, you discover from other histories how much sense there is to keep active the organization that groups the Cuban women. Or seeing to the future, say I, that I claim for my daughters, nieces, granddaughters and great-granddaughters, a friendlier world with our genre, more inclusive, more just and happy.

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