Cuban judo male team wins Pan-American championship

Cuba's men's national team won the Pan-American judo championship tournament in Panama on Tuesday, defeating Canada in the final.

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The machines of the game

Since March, 2016 the referees do not have sweet dreams when the night comes. Since that "damned March", the lords of FIFA and the thousands of press members that make the soccer their business supported a campaign to introduce technology of last generation to an old multitudes sport...

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The "nationals" of the Universiade

Despite of being an event for students, the13th National Universiade,  is taking place in this city, it does not have anything "obliging": the presence of several national teams' athletes, and of others that they compete at the first level in their respective provinces, which allows to anticipate days full of sports rivalry.

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The Cuban duos of Karell Peña-Sergio Gonzalez and Leila Martinez-Lidianis Echeverria won unbeaten the second stops of the NORCECA beach volleyball circuit, based in Cayman Islands.

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Costa Rican sports official visits Cuba

Alba Quesada, president of the Costa Rican Sports and Recreation Institute, began a visit to Cuba to learn about Cuban sports development from the bottom up to high performance.

Austrian Cyclist in Tour Against the Blockade

Austrian cyclist registered in the Guinness World Records Book, Jacob Jurl began on Wednesday in the extre)me eastern part of the island a tour across the country to protest against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US against Cuba over a half a century ago.

After two years dominating the PioneerCups, Camagüey faces this year an even major challenge: to stay being one of the potencies of the sport in this category, in spite of the changes experienced on its system of competitions.

Karell Peña and Daisel Quesada as well as Leila Martínez - Yanisleidis Sánchez will be the Cuban pairs attending since Friday the beginning of the 2017 season of the NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit in La Paz, Baja California, USA.

Michel Laplate, president of the Québec Capitales franchise and vice-president of the Can-Am Independent Baseball League, heads a delegation that arrived in Havana on a working visit.