Special Reports

Panama.- Latin American and Caribbean students condemned today the presence of notorious terrorist Félix Rodríguez Mendigutía and other mercenaries attending forums at the 8th Summit of the Americas.

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Camagüey.- First, before the avalanche of condemnation and repudiation that came to her, the spokesmen of the North American government said that the Executive Decree of president Barack Obama declaring Venezuela a threat for the United States had been misinterpreted.

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Camagüey.- The inclusion of the right to the scientific development of the Humanity has appeared in more than one opportunity, so that the United Nations Organization approves an international convention on the subject of Human rights for the development of the Science when this one is realized for the social welfare.

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Panama.- Representatives of different organizations and sectors of the Cuban society came today to this capital to participate in the four forums prior to the VIIth Summit of the Americas, to be held on April 10th and 11th.

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Known “mercenaries” are accredited to participate in the forums being held during the Summit of the Americas.

Panama.- Panamanian social organizations denounced today that Venezuelan and Cuban counterrevolutionaries aim to use the Panamanian nation as a platform to plot against those nations during the 7th Summit of the Americas.

Camagüey.- Since the day I was born, a team of doctors and nurses fought without reservations for my life. These millionaire treatments cost not even a cent to my family, nor either the treatments I have received till now. And like every young man, I have thousands of rights that today are denied to others in the planet, like that of the inclusion.

Tegucigalpa.- Presidents of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador will discuss with Barack Obama the Plan of the Alliance for Prosperity (PAP) in the context of the Summit of the Americas to be held in Panama, official sources confirmed today.

Washington.- Cuba´s permanent representative in Geneva, ambassador Anayansi Rodriguez, said that the March 31 Cuba-US talks on human rights were held in the expected atmosphere of professionalism and respect and considered further meetings on the topic.