CAMAGÜEY.- Earlier than in the city the women wake up at dawn in the countryside. Almost always before the sun wakes up the peasants already warmed the stoves and they have ready breakfasts and even lunches. And the fact is that nothing lightens the burden of domestic responsibilities in the rural ambience, on the contrary, the long distances and the problems with the transport, the upbringing of the children, joined to the lacks and the hardness of the agricultural work, they do that the life in the field is not easy.

From the invisibility that has its extraordinary delivery day by day, they redeem a fundamental roll in the sustainability of the ground and the family. Although there is not type of discrimination in the Cuban juridical - legal frame for concept of genre that prevents the rural women empower like human beings in rights equality with the men, in practice there are less the owners of grounds and those who stand out in these works.

Gelania Cabrera Morales is one of these females who do exceptions. She came to Camagüey from Villa Clara attracted by “her better half” and to the field after her retirement, and turned by force of a lot of work into one of the best producers of honey in Cuba.

In La Colmenita, her farm of two and a half hectares of ground, located in La Por Fuerza, Florida, has her biggest treasures: an apiary of 100 beehives, a breeding of minor cattle and even rice cultivated by this "girl" who comes closer to eight decades of life. There she also dedicates space and time to the reforestation by means of the sowing of living posts in her fences, along with lumber-yielding and fruit-bearing tree.

“This year is fine and we will end better, because the productive peak of the honey is in the latter months of the year - assures this adoptive Florida´s daughter. The beekeeping depends on the good handling of the beehives, of the change of the queen and of the transhumance. All the works that I have done I have liked them, but if I was born again out I would be beekeeper. I can assure yoy that the work of the bees is one of the most incredible things that exists in the nature”.

Of cinnamon complexion and easy and kind smile, Gelania counts in a so natural way her determinations, that anyone would think that they are easy and current, but not, there are many honors that she has gained: National avant-garde in several occasions, Award for the Excellency Juan Mayans, National Award to the Excellency of Producing Woman, Medalist Romárico Cordero who delivers the Council of the State and Stamp 60 Anniversary of the First Rural Congress in Arms, among others.

She, proud of her femininity, assures that her history is an example of that the women can go so far as to reach everything she proposes. “I am happy to be a woman and to contribute to the economy of my country. I already have in my son the guaranteed relief, but I hope to keep on giving battle”.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez