He speaks about Alfredo, his father, with clear worship; of him he learned, after all, what the ideals of justice and of revolution are. Although he refers to the Che with vehemence: "it was the most consecrated”, he says. I propose to him to converse of Ernesto Guevara because Raúl Zurita is a Camagüey´s citizen who took part in the Capture of Santa Clara at the end of 1958. However, the dialogue reserves some surprises...

12 October 2018

The education evaluated of satisfactory in the province

The nearly 20 officials of the Ministry of Education evaluated of satisfactory the conditions of the beginning of the course in the province, in an examination carried out at the end of September.

12 October 2018

Pharmacology experts will participate in Camagüey’s National Congress of the specialty

The 12th National Congress of Pharmacology FARMACAMAGÜEY 2018 will be held in this city from October 22th to 25th, with the participation of 150 delegates from 12 provinces of Cuba.

12 October 2018

United States blockade harms the hearts of people from Camagüey

To have a trans-esophageal echocardiogram, more accurate and reliable in diagnosing heart conditions, the people of Camagüey must now move to the province of Villa Clara, as the Philips brand equipment with that functionality succumbed after so many ears of use.