Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Denounced US Policy Against Cuba

Cuba’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ana Teresita Gonzalez Fraga denounced on Wednesday in Havana the setback of the relations between the island and the United States due to Washington’s political interference.

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Cuba to Share Achievements in Ophthalmology

The 8th International Congress and 16th of National Ophthalmology is to begin on Thursday in Havana with a demonstration of the island’s achievements in the field.

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The 38th International Tourism Fair will open today its doors in Santa Maria Cay, in the Cuban central province of Villa Clara, as an ideal opportunity to promote the recreational product of this destination and consolidate the hiring for the 2018-19 winter.

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Cuba will present achievements in human rights in Geneva

The progress made during the past five years in the field of human rights will be presented by the Cuban delegation, the next 16 of May, in the universal periodic review, which will take place in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Cuba Denounced the US Blockade as an Obstacle for Development

Cuba denounced at the United Nations in Geneva that the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against the island is the main obstacle to the right to development of the people.

The Cuban Council of Ministers held a session on Wednesday to address economic and social issues on its agenda, including the negative impact by irregularities in foreign trade operations.

Cuba at Tropic Face to Preserve Citrus Fruits

Cuba is joining 22 countries in the Tropic Face International Program, aiming at raising awareness to face the Huang Long Bing disease, which attacks citrus fruits.

Mexico registers Cuban diabetes pharmaceutical

The Cuban medication Heberprot-P to fight diabetic foot ulcers was registered by Mexico´s Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks, the authority in charge of drug registration in the country.

An exhibition of Cuba’s main assistance programs, education and international medical cooperation was inaugurated on Monday at the Convention Center in Havana as part of the 3rd International Cuba Health 2018 Convention.