Cuban Workers Federation calls for May Day´s celebrations

The Cuban Workers Federation and the National Unions are calling all our people to a massive day of national mobilization to celebrate May Day, presided over by the slogan Unity, Commitment and Victory, at a very special time when we are developing the organic process of the XXI Congress of the CTC from the union base.

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Vietnam-Cuba entrepreneurial forum in Havana

Cuban and Vietnamese entrepreneurs will meet in Havana on Thursday to consider new joint business opportunities, in the context of an official visit here by the General Secretary of Vietnam’s Communist Party Nguyen Phu Trong.

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Donald Trump approves 20 million dollars for subversion against Cuba

US President Donald Trump approved over the weekend a 20-million-dollar fund to support subversive actions against Cuba.

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Cuban deputies consider new country leadership

All 605 recently elected Cuban deputies are currently considering the proposals for candidates to make up the Cuban Council of State, whichincludes the new president and vice-presidents of the country, along with the leadership of the island’s Parliament.

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Civil Society Demands an End to the US Blockade against Cuba

The political declaration approved during the second forum of the Pensando Americas Cuban civil society demanded on Wednesday in Havana for the US to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba for over five decades.

Cuban company launches antivirus for Android cell phones

The IT Security and Consulting Company (Segurmática) presents at the XVII International IT Fair Informática 2018, in this capital city, a mobile security antivirus that prevents attacks on cell phones with Android 4.2 system.

The second forum of the Cuban civil society Thinking Americas to pass on Wednesday in this capital, with the aim of reaching consensus on positions and proposals for the 8th Summit of the Americas, to be held in Peru next month of April.

Cuba´s General Elections Results validated

Cuba´s National Electoral Commission (CEN) has disclosed the final results of the general elections held on March 11th.

Cuba achieves its first million of travelers

The arrival to the first million international travelers to Cuba reaffirms the recognition reached by the tourism of the biggest of the Antilles like a destination of peace and safety, despite the alerts of trip expressed by the Department of the North American State.