More than two million Cubans voted for their constitution in only two hours

Only two hours after the electoral colleges opened their doors, 2 690 419 people exercised their right to vote for the new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

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In Venezuela, the independence and sovereignty of all is being defined today in addition to the validity of international law and that is why we support the process of that country, said Bruno Rodriguez, Cuba´s Minister of Foreign Affairs, when exercising his right to vote in the constitutional referendum.

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Trump's recent statements were clumsy and crude

Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Cuban Foreign Minister, described the statements made by Donald Trump on Latin America during a speech given Monday at the University of Miami as clumsy and crude.

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Denounces cuban FM U.S. offense of Venezuela's sovereignty

Bruno Rodriguez, Minister of Foreign Affairs, denounced on Twitter that U.S. President Donald Trump offends the sovereignty of #Venezuela, birthplace of El Libertador and independence.

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The Cuban government made public an statement warning of the dangerous escalation of US maneuvers that could lead to a military intervention in Venezuela.

Can return if they wish cuban doctor

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health made public an statement on its position regarding the doctors that stayed in Brazil after the Cuban government stopped its participation in the More Doctors Program.

Cuba: Ministry of Public Health reviews performance in 2018

The Minister of Public Health of Cuba, José Ángel Portal Miranda, reviewed the results of his Ministry during 2018 and discussed the priorities, goals and challenges for 2019.

The use of green medicine in Cuba intensifies

The use of green medicine is consolidated in Cuba as an option for treatments indicated by specialists and scientific centers that work high level lines of research, said Lisbet Avello Romero, head of the national program of medicinal plants.

Cuban President attends inauguration of 2019 Pedagogy Congress

Miguel Diaz-Canel, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, attended the inaugural gala of the XVI International Pedagogy Congress 2019, which takes place in the capital Karl Marx Theatre.