Cuban president Raul Castro received on Monday afternoon Colonel General To Lam, Minister of Public Security of Vietnam, who is in Cuba on a working visit.

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Cuban First VP praises role of young people in elections

Cuba´s First Vice-President Miguel Diaz-Canel said that Cuban youth are the main protagonists of this Sunday's elections, which they attend to fulfill their commitment to Fidel, Raúl and the Revolution.

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Puerto Rican Oscar López wraps up visit to Cuba

The Puerto Rican independence activist Oscar López Rivera ended his visit to Cuba by reiterating that the reality was much more than what he dreamed of. "It has been happier, more intense and much more rewarding than I expected," he said.

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Providing higher quality of services in the current high tourist season, in which Cuba hopes to reach the record figure of 4,700 000 visitors, was one of the points in the Plenary of the National Union of Hotel and Tourism Workers (SNTH by its Spanish acronym).

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Cuba Rejects Sanctions Imposed by the European Union against Venezuela

The Cuban government characterized on Tuesday in Havana the measures adopted by the European Union against Venezuela as coercive measures that will not contribute in the process of dialog promoted by President Nicolas Maduro in the search for peace in the South American nation.

Cuban authorities confiscated more than four tons of drugs so far this year, mostly marijuana, from packages of caches thrown into the sea, reported Granma newspaper.

Independence Fighter Oscar Lopez Rivera pays homage to Che Guevara

Puerto Rican independence fighter Oscar Lopez Rivera paid homage to Commander Ernesto Guevara in the Sculptural Complex that, in this city, bears the name of the guerrilla of the Americas.

Happy to visit Cuba for the first time, whose leaders and people he thanked for their support for his release, the Puerto Rican independence leader Oscar López Rivera arrived in Havana this morning.

The US government measures announced on Wednesday by the US State, Treasury and Commerce Departments confirm the serious setback of bilateral relations as a result of the change of policy towards Cuba pronounced by President Donald Trump...