Cuban deputies of the International Relations Commission analyzed the possible world scenarios until 2023, dominated by the increase in geopolitical struggles and the aggressiveness of the United States, and by the advance of nationalist and xenophobic sentiments in some regions.

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All Cuban Municipal Assemblies of People's Power start their work

The National Electoral Commission released the following informative note regarding the constitution of the 168 municipal assemblies of the Popular Power.

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Dominica thanks ALBA countries for help after Hurricane Maria

Thanks to the solidarity of Cuba, Venezuela and other countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America-Peoples Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), Dominica is recovering from the devastating impact of Hurricane María , Jan Douglas, Minister of Trade, Energy and Employment of that country, assured in Havana today.

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Cubans will be able to send SMS to the United States

The Telecommunications Company of Cuba, S.A., ETECSA, announced that, from December 8, 2017, from any mobile phone in Cuba, it will be possible to send international messages (SMS) to any mobile phone in the United States.

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Raul Castro in Antigua and Barbuda for Summit

Cuban President Raul Castro arrived this morning in Antigua and Barbuda to attend the Sixth Cuba-Caribbean Community (Caricom) Summit and on an official visit.

A cargo of timber from Nicaragua, intended for the rehabilitation of buildings affected by Hurricane Irma that hit Cuba last September, arrived in Mariel Special Development Zone...

Cuba decreases accident rate at work

The rate of work-related accidents in Cuba shows a decrease, as a result of the joint effort of all agencies, said Ana Julia Cleger, an official in the Labor and Social Affairs area of ​​the Cuban´s Workers Confederation.

José Manuel Bisbé president of the Travel Cuba agency announced in Havana that Cuba recorded the arrival of over 4.2 million visitors until November 26.

The Party, the State and the Vietnamese people had a new gesture of solidarity towards Cuba by donating a thousand tons of rice to help compensating damages caused by Hurricane Irma.