• The education evaluated of satisfactory in the province

    The nearly 20 officials of the Ministry of Education evaluated of satisfactory the conditions of the beginning of the course in the province, in an examination carried out at the end of September.

  • Teacher: out of necessity?

    At first he looked like a shy man, of those who finds it hard work to speak about himself. He did not stop moving in the chair and he was turning the pencil that he had in the hand, repeatedly. To be standing up in front of tens of students already does not make him nervous, but the interviews does.

  • Teach with the heart

    Olga Góngora Lezcano was born in this city, but the family was of Vertientes, she studied educational practice in Santa Clara, in the School of Rural Household, and she returned to the soil, where after her graduation in 1944, she came to have a classroom fifteen years later, due to the triumph of the Revolution, in the intricate area of Santa Lucia 1, among mud and birds and weathering storms.

  • Majority of Cuban Teaching Staff Incorporated Before Start of School Year

    The majority of teachers from all over Cuba were incorporated into educational institutions beginning yesterday in order to continue preparation and guarantee conditions for students on September 4, when the school year begins.

  • Camagüey needs to form teachers urgently

    Camagüey.- It is estimated that for the next school year, 2015-2016 will be a deficit of around 1 000 teachers, specifically in high schools and in polytechnical institutes, although pre-universities, primary schools and kindergartens are not exempted.

  • University students cover teaching deficit

    Camagüey.- As very positive is valued the participation of over 80 university students of the contingent “Leonela Relys“ that give different subjects in secondary basic education of the municipality of Camagüey.