CAMAGÜEY.- As part of the actions carried out to celebrate July 26th, journalists from the media of this province visited different construction works, to verify their progress and the benefits they will provide to the people of Camagüey, once completed.

Among the projects are the renovation of the building located between Independencia and San Pablo Streets, in block 327, which has two fundamental objects: the four-story family building that only has the exterior facade painted, and a market belonging to The CIMEX trading corporation, located in the eclectic structure, destined to sell food products.

"We will intensify our work until late at night to deliver the work on the 26th of this month," said Misleydis Quiñones González, contractor of the Dovel Company.

The rehabilitation of the area next to the Interprovincial Bus Terminal also included the agenda of this journey, where they verified the advances in the construction of ten kiosks that will offer multiple options in this busy enclave. The future visitors will have in the stalls the offer of products of CIMEX, TRD Caribe, Retail Trade Company, self-employed and gastronomic services.

To enhance the visual and integrate the public spaces of enjoyment will add a park in the center of the area and will also add an establishment that works, on the one hand, as mail, and on the other is a pizzeria.

Repair of streets.Repair of streets.

The repair work was also carried out in different ways in the city. On this subject of vital interest to Camagüey citizens, CONECA brigade leader 1, Héctor Álvarez Torres, spoke about the "progress in the intervention of streets such as Van Horne, San Esteban, and Avellaneda, included within the 35 that so far have been fixed."

This state agricultural market will offer many options to Camagüey public.This state agricultural market will offer many options to Camagüey public.

Located in the old commercial establishment "Francisquito", the state agricultural market was another of the works under construction visited. This center promises new airs for the food industry and its services.

"The market contains 13 kiosks, one of which will have suburban agriculture, one trade, the other one fishing, and there will also be a juice shop, a butcher's shop, an establishment for the sale of seeds, and on the top floor, Santa María Company, from the Historian Office of the City, and CIMEX have their offer stores for wholesale sale, "said Arelis Portal Marrero, Logistics Director of the Storage Company.

In the pool of the Previsora neighborhood, with about 20 years of not working, the rehabilitation works of this recreational facility are in a satisfactory way: "At the moment the pool floor had to be improved a lot, as well as the pipes underneath and those of the machine room."Said Camilo Quesada Núñez, chief of the brigade that works there.

"We still have to clean the filters, which are in optimal conditions, and undertake other minor works such as the installation of bathing sets," said Quesada Núñez, who hopes that the site will be inaugurated for public enjoyment on the 26th, National Rebellion Day.

Translated by Ludys Peguero Domínguez/ 3rd year English Language student