CAMAGÜEY. – Wherever you want to look, the cigarette does not have a kind side. Scarcely, the harmful smoke enters the mouth, the gradual decline happens, in the smokers, of organs like the larynx. Nevertheless, there are natural remedies capable of restoring the functions of this conduit and even, that they help to face the addiction to this silent enemy.

Acute or chronic, the laryngitis caused by the habit of smoking, produces symptoms as sore throats and vocal damages. To fight them, it turns out to be effective to drink, once or twice daily, a tea prepared with two spoons of ginger root, plant cultivated in diverse tropical regions of the world. The flavor, it is somewhat piquant, but its effective antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

As an extra contribution, its consumption create decrease of the anxiety and relaxation of the nervous system, fundamental, to those brave enough to expel the nicotine of their lives.

Another of the formulae that relieve the sufferings of the laryngeal tract is the mixture in a receptacle, of a fistful of chamomile, sage and mint. These ingredients are boiled from 15 to 20 minutes and then they take it as infusion. Also, alternatively, gargles can be realized with one of these plants following the same production method.

The turmeric has a privilege place on the pages of natural medicine for its preventive uses against the cancer. Among the recipes of the root, family of the ginger, that contributes to the recovery of the smokers suffering from inconveniences in the area of the throat, there is to add half a spoonful in a milk glass and to drink, this quantity, two or three times a day.

Almost all the plants mentioned can be found, in the organic farms of the city, although, before being used, it is recommended the consultancy of the specializing medical personnel. If we take conscience of its damages, the struggle against the smoking habit will be easier and we will put limits to this big enemy who if lacks something, is its human side.

 Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez