CAMAGUEY.- What began as a dream for Yohan Guillén Núñez, it is already a reality with a name. Cuisine with flavor is the first cooking reality show made in Cuba and it is based on the worldwide famous Master Chef.

Guillén, fan of the British show, presented his project to the Culinary Association of Camaguey, which gave its support from the beginning. After a extensive field work, he presented his project to TV Camaguey, which provided the equipment as well as the staff they had.

After holding extensive auditions, the reality features the participation of 12 competitors, 3 chefs as the jury and a host. This shows hits our screen as a different TV option for the summer, that aside from amusing, it search to preserve and heighten the traditional cuisine of Camaguey.

By means of different taught conferences, the chefs of the jury have as an objective to develop on the contestants the sense of smell and taste, as well as the level of creativity when it comes to deal with large orders.

Martin Félix Urdelino López, with 38 years of experience, is one of the juries, that was very impressed with the idea of the show from the beginning: “It was really worthy accepting the challenge that this represents, and that the television had taken us into account has a remarkable importance since it is a honor for the chefs in Camaguey and a an ideal place to convey our knowledge, not only to our contestants, but also to our audience.

As every contest, there is also a sad part, the inherent eliminations of competitions made chef Ernesto Rodríguez to think about his childhood. He also expressed that this is a personal challenge and one of his main purposes is that the contestants, amateurs at first, cook with flavor.

Adamay Bacallao Villavicencio, contestant of this show, ensured to have witnessed a unique experience and to be an example that proves the fulfillment of the goals of this show. “Cook with flavor tough me how to highlight the cuisine of Camaguey, one that I did not have knowledge before coming here”

Yohan Guillén, screenwriter, host, co-director and producer, emphasized the importance that the Culinary Association of this province has played, bearing the costs of this project and providing the necessary equipment. He also acknowledge the support and the trust of the television in Camaguey, who provided the available resources.

The show will be broadcast every Wednesday of this summer, from 12:15 PM to 1:00 PM. Once completed the 8 episodes of the contest, the winners will have right to exert the different levels of teaching that certify them as sub-chef.

Their creators are planning a second season in which they aspire to count with the support of well-known production companies like RTV Comercial, to fulfill the technological deficiencies of the first season.

Cooking with flavor will be broadcast as an innovative show that expects to reach an audience that loves to cook.