In an exhaustive analysis of the behavior of the use of the medicine to be inoculated in the injury, the Ph.D. Ana Campal, provincial promoter of the Heberprot-P of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, ensured the importance of increasing its use, because more than 80 % of the affected ones recovers or granulates.

In the current 2014 approximately 1 571 persons are registered with diabetic foot ulcers, and amputations of low members are still reported, something that must diminish if a suitable detection of the injury is yielded from the level of Primary Health Care, like the community doctors.

Ana Campal announced that since 2007 to what it goes of the present year, 2 307 patients have been benefited with diabetic foot ulcers in the province of Camagüey, where, except for Najasa and the area of Health of La Jagua, in the remaining ones, and with the inclusion of the hospitals Manuel Ascunce, Amalia Simoni and that of Florida, the bases are created so that the diabetics with ulcers in their feet receive the medicine by means of the personnel properly qualified.

This province has at present 44 764 diabetics, or, 5,6 % of its population.

On having wraped up in 2013 the towns with better outcomes in such a target, were: Jimaguayú, Sibanicú, Sierra de Cubitas and Guáimaro; the most backward turned out to be Najasa, Esmeralda, Camagüey and Santa Cruz del Sur. The Health areas Julio A. Mella and Tula Aguilera were mentioned like examples to be followed in the municipality of Camagüey.

Before using the Heberprot-P, the infection must be treated, said Ana Campal, who mentioned her worry because in some Health Areas they have suppressed the Councils of Integral Attention to the Diabetic.

Among the most important achievements there is treating more and more patients with diabetic foot ulcers in not so advanced stages, although it has been demonstrated its effectiveness in complex ulcers, included the presents in ischemic foot.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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