Last Wednesday was announced the hike in fuel prices which will now cost one bolivar the litre of gasoline of 91 Octanes (0.1 cent of a dollar at the exchange rate of 10 and six bolivares the type of 95 octanes (0.6 cents to the dollar).

The resources collected will be destined to finance all social programs of the country, among them the big missions Housing Venezuela (housing units given to the most unfavored sectors) and Barrio

Nuevo Tricolor (house repairs, frontage and corridors in the parishes of the country).

This Thursday the State Enterprise Petroleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa)

Este jueves la empresa estatal Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) iformed there is enough gasolina to supply all national demand.

It was thus indicated by the Vicepresident of Refining, Commerce and Supply of that company, Jesus Luongo, through his account in Twitter when assuring there is enough gasolina, we have no problem. The people can be at ease.

The oficial expressed the need and importance that the population may understand a just price in fuel is necessary, while affirming Venezuela keeps on having the most economic gasoline in the world.

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