29 March 2016

We don’t need the empire to give us anything. Our efforts will be legal and peaceful, because our commitment is to peace and fraternity among all human beings who live on this planet.

29 March 2016

Scientific-productive poles to contribute to Cuban development

Havana, Cuba (acn) The revival of scientific-productive poles of the country is a contribution to national socio-economic development, said in this city Miguel Diaz-Canel, first vice president of the council of State and Ministers.

25 March 2016

Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health Reports Sixth Imported Zika Case

Havana, Cuba.- (acn) An information note by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health reported the sixth imported case of Zika virus, corresponding to a 32 year-old Cuban physician that was offering her services in Venezuela and arrived in Cuba (from the Venezuelan state of Lara) on March 15 and lives in the city of Artemisa, the Granma newspaper reported on Thursday.

25 March 2016

Raul Receives Visiting ECLAC Executive Secretary

Havana, Cuba, (acn) Army General Raul Castro, President of the councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, received Alicia Barcena, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), who is on a visit to Cuba, according to a note published by the Granma newspaper.

23 March 2016

The Rolling Stones: Thank You for Welcoming us to Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba.- (acn) Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful country, expressed in a message to Cuba the members of the British band the Rolling Stones, which will perform in Havana on March 25 in the area around the capital’s Ciudad Deportiva (Sports City).

22 March 2016

Statements by Raul and Obama Cause Great International Impact

Havana, Cuba.- (acn) The statements made to the press by the presidents of Cuba, Army General Raul Castro, and of the United States, Barack Obama, at the end of the official talks held on Monday in this capital, have generated a great impact on the media around the world.

-Obama Acknowledges Solidarity of Internationalist Cuban Doctors

-The Blockade Is an Obsolete Burden on the Cuban People, Obama Admits

-Cuba, US Have Shared Values; Obama Assures

21 March 2016

 Cuba, US Entrepreneurs to Hold Business Forum

Havana.- Cuba and the United States will hold tomorrow a business forum with participation of entrepreneurs from both countries to discuss the opportunities offered by the Caribbean nation market.

21 March 2016

Progress of the Constructive Movement in Municipality of Camagüey

Camagüey .- More than 300 constructive actions are executed in the municipality of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, head office of the celebrations for the Day of the National Rebelliousness this year in the province of Camagüey, mainly in entities of Education and Public Health.

20 March 2016

The Obamas tour historical sites in Old Havana

Havana, Cuba.- President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and their two daughters toured historical sites in Old Havana, as part of the program of his official visit to Cuba, the first of an US sitting president in almost 90 years.

20 March 2016

Barack Obama is in Cuba

Havana, Cuba.- (acn) Barack Obama, President of the United States, arrived in Havana some minutes before four this afternoon for a three day official visit.