In his words at the seminar, Masseca praised the establishment of the Cuban audiology program at the health center, which operates as a national referent, and stated that the service will "prioritize children."

He insisted that children with hearing problems will have absolute priority, so they can be rehabilitated, and contribute, in a future, to the development of the nation.

He said that combatants and veterans of the homeland, who in a moment of national history did not hesitate to fight for independence that on November 11 marked 40 years of its proclamation, will also be assisted.

Then, all Angolans with sound difficulties due to natural causes, will receive care at Maria Pia hospital, he added.

Masseca thanked Cuba for this effort, and called for training Angolan professionals and technicians to take the valuable medical technology of the island.

As part of the Havana Scientific Center, Neuronic is an organization whose main premise is to market products derived from the research activity and development of the Cuban Neuroscience Center.

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