HAVANA.- (ACN) Cuba marks today the 120th anniversary of the death in combat of Major General Antonio Maceo and his aide captain Francisco Gomez Toro, in the farm of San Pedro.

Maceo, of humble origins, joined the war of independence against Spain along his entire family, a few days after it began on October 10, 1868, and thanks to his bravery, skills, and discipline rose to the ranks to the second-highest position in the Cuban Army.

In hundreds of battles in the third independence wars, Maceo was always on the front line of his troops. He received over 25 wounds during all those years. Along Maximo Gomez, the leader of the Cuban forces, Maceo led the invasion of the west, aimed at crippling the economy that was supporting the war efforts of Spain, and to allow relieve the pressure on the Cuban forces in the east, On December 7, 1896, in a skirmish, Maceo is fatally wounded. His aide, Gomez´ son Francisco, tried to rescue his body so it wouldn’t be desecrated by is murdered by the Spanish troops.

They are both buried at the El Cacahual, on the skirts of Havana city.