The fact is that today, October 6th, is a sad day. No one can forget this date of 1976, it was when there exploded in flight the airship CU-455 of Cubana de Aviación and died 73 persons, innocent persons all. It had left Barbados, and that's why the monstrous fact is known like that: Crime of Barbados.

The plane was going from that island to that of Jamaica in the direction of Havana. The exact story of the event is quite well-known, as also it is known that this crime, product of the most brutal terrorism has remained unpunished. One of the leaders, already died by natural death, was Orlando Bosch, a medical pediatrician of Cuban origin, who would say it, a specialized physician to treat and to protect the children, designing something like that, something unthinkable in our professionals of the Health, who have taken life to so many corners of this world. He organized along with Posada Carriles, that one that walks the streets of Miami in a free way. The justice, that one that goes out of the courts, forgot, apparently, this case.

There in this airship a youngster was returning to her homeland. Her name was Inés Luaces Sánchez, a Camagüeyan full of glory like the rest of the fencing team, since they were carrying all the golden medals of a Central American contest and of the Caribbean, carried out in Caracas, Venezuela. I did not meet her, but I do met her mother.

Inés Sánchez Salazar, already deceased, was Inés's mom. This lady was selling to us the snack in the Institute of the Second Education here. I remember her very kind, simple up to the core and with very much love to offer.

She was treating the students with a sweetness that then I compared with the suffering that she should have felt on having received the horrible news. She died with 80 years and without seeing justice was done against the killers of her dear Inés and the other 72 victims.

The majority of the lates had Cuban nationality; nevertheless, there were victims of the brutal act of terrorism, Guyaneses and Koreans.

Remembering those days is really sad. It hurts and Inés's face (mother) always comes to my mind, it is something inevitable, as inevitable is to imagine Inés's suffering (daughter) and the rest of the travelers.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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