• Mechanical milking is consolidated in Camagüey’s dairies

    With the objective to humanize the work of the producers of the cattle sector of this province, and to raise the quality of the milk, at present 64 systems of mechanical milking work in several municipalities of this territory.

  • Fidel, a source of inspiration for young teachers

    Camagüey, Cuba,  (acn).-  In the Third National Meeting of Students of Pedagogical Schools, underway in the eastern city of Camaguey, participants said Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro is a source of inspiration for their teaching vocation.

  • Positive Performance of Fishermen in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The establishment dedicated to the fishing and processing of of fresh water in the municipality of Florida, exhibits favorable results in the fulfillment of the extractive plan foreseen for the first trimester of the year, like result of the endeavor of the brigades integrated to the chores of catching.

  • Artistic Teaching in Camagüey prepares registration for new academic year

    Camagüey.- The System of Artistic Teaching in Camagüey province is working in the process of attracting students for arts schools in that territory for the 2016-2017 academic year.

  • Camagüey celebrates International Workers’ Day

    Camagüey.- The people of Camaguey celebrates, with a multitudinous parade, the International Workers’ Day, to ratify the loyalty to Fidel and the Revolution.

  • Progress of the Constructive Movement in Municipality of Camagüey

    Camagüey .- More than 300 constructive actions are executed in the municipality of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, head office of the celebrations for the Day of the National Rebelliousness this year in the province of Camagüey, mainly in entities of Education and Public Health.

  • Cuban and US educators address common issues

    Camaguey.- US and Cuba educators are meeting in the Eastern city of Camaguey to address challenges and prospects in the educational sector of their two countries in a further effort to strengthen bilateral collaboration relations.

  • ICAP recognized for work in Camaguey

    HAVANA, Cuba.- (acn)Political and grass roots organizations in the province of Camaguey recognized on Monday the work of the Institute of Friendship Among the Peoples (ICAP), for its  work of international support in favor of Cuba against Washington’s economic blockade.

  • LOGMARK Encourages Market Studies Implementation

    Camagüey.- The rescue of business initiatives and  the search for an efficient market position were the center of the first discussion stage of the 17th edition  of the National Event of Logistic and Marketing, LOGMARK, held in Camagüey city. Francisco Borrás Atiénzar, vice president of the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC), explained that the program takes place in a context of big transformations as the opening of foreign investment, decentralization of state companies’ powers, and the rise of new forms of management.

  • Recognition in Camagüey to a great artist

    Camagüey.- Personalities and institutions of the culture in Camagüey, acknowledged, in this city, the work of the outstanding visual artist Ileana Sánchez Hing, owing to the celebrations for her four decades of incessant work.

  • In final phase ground movement for new photovoltaic emplacement

    Camagüey.- The news full of hope the lovers of the renewable sources of energy: in conclusion phase the ground movement for the emplacement of the second photovoltaic park of the province of Camagüey in the precincts of the Water Sciences and Technology Center (EVENT) in the North Beltway of this metropolis.

  • Camagüey, champion for countries

    Camagüey.- It is not a joke, friends, the accumulated booty by the boxers of this province was enough to place our country in the highest place of the medal table of the XXth World Cup of Boxing Qatar 2015.

  • Rural women celebrated their day

    Camagüey.- With several days of advance in Camagüey is being recognized the work of the rural women concerning their day, opportunity in which the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) entertained the females who everyday work the land in the different Cooperatives of Agricultural Production (CPA), which with their effort contribute to the feeding of the people.

  • Celebrating anniversary with a contest

    Camagüey.- With the desires of propitiating the approach and necessary exchange with the new generations, the Popular Provincial Court of Camagüey foresees to celebrate its anniversary being rejuvenated.

  • Young people re-edit invasion of Che and Camilo

    Camagüey.- Nor the bad weather and not even the bad state of the footpath could prevent it. Young people dressed in olive-green re-edits the exploit of Commanders Che and Camilo of taking the invasion from East to Occident, ordered by Fidel to extend the war for the definitive independence to the whole country. First it was done by Máximo Gómez and Antonio Maceo.

  • Camagüey ready for national cross-check of internal control

    Camagüey.- The Xth national cross-check of internal control, promoted by the General Controller's Office of the Republic, will be a thermometer to pulsate how the business world and different institutions of the public administration fulfill the lineaments of the VIth Congress and the targets of the First National Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba.

  • Ascended to 16 number of lates for traffic accident

    Camagüey.- With the death of one of the hospitalized persons, it raised to 16 the number of dead persons for the tragic traffic accident of last Saturday, October 10th in the highway that joins this city with Santa Cruz del Sur.

  • Reaffirmed efficacy of the Heberprot-P

    Camagüey.- 95 % of the diabetic population in Camagüey who suffers from feet ulcers receives the benefits of the anti-diabetic drug Heberprot-P in the corresponding health areas and, of these, 75 % presents minor complications because the patients are present at the consultations opportunely.

  • In Camagüey Ist National Meeting of Psychology

    Camagüey.- About 120 specialists from seven provinces of the country will exhibit their researches during the Ist National Meeting of Psychology “Enrique José Varona“ in Memoriam, which will be developed next 23rd and 24th, in the Center of Conventions Santa Cecilia of the city of Camagüey.

  • Financings without new insurances

    Camagüey.- The bank workers in Cuba celebrated their day conscious of the importance of their work in the update of the Cuban economic model and the need of offering a better service to the population, that also guarantees the financial actions demanded by the country.