• Triptych of a July 26th: 1977, 1989, 2007

    Camagüey.- This province has deserved in three opportunities the head office of the national event for the July 26th´s anniversary, celebrating the assaults to the garrisons Guillermón Moncada in Santiago de Cuba and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in Bayamo, hence a glance to the effervescent chore of the Camagüeyan people in every stage, given that it is an indissoluble part of the local history.

  • Against the Cuban Revolution: Nothing!

    Camagüey.- The soundness of the Cuban Revolution, kicked off in 1868 by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in La Demajagua on October 10th, 1868, and strengthened in the liberating milestone which explosive was the assault to the Moncada on July 26th, 1953, constitutes an irreversible process, in which our people, its principal protagonist, decided long ago to pass the way towards the socialism.

  • The Moncada of Minas

    Camagüey.- The square that in Mines commemorates the first heroic service of Ignacio Agramonte to the independence of Cuba received this Friday the provincial act for the July 26th celebration. Early, the 26 de Noviembre square was full of people to remember that one different 26th.

  • Fidel's people

    Camagüey.- The Generation of the 100th Anniversary, this way was named the group of young people who in 1953, inspired in the pro-independence legacy of Marti and headed by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro, assaulted on July 26th, 1953 the Garrisons Moncada, in Santiago de Cuba, the second military strength in importance in the country, and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in Bayamo.